As you may already know, Prairie Underground is only available at a select few retailers. Luckily, at Shop Adorn, we’ve got you covered for all things Prairie. And we have a sneak peak of the 2012 Spring Line, which we’ll have in our store very soon.

Note: These photos aren’t even available on the Prairie Underground page yet!

Always a staple is the Prairie Underground Raincloaks. When I think of rain jackets, memories of my mother forcing me into an ugly yellow slicker come to mind. That’s the complete opposite with Prairie Underground Raincloaks. It’s like a gift from the fashion gods – an amazing Cloak Hoodie in raincoat form.

Because as important as it is to look stylish, one needs to be practical as well. And let’s face it, the rain isn’t going anywhere and at some point you’re going to get tired of running around soaked.


We’ll be carrying the long and short Raincloaks in black, navy and red, which are available online for pre-order.

The short Raincloak is brand new this season, as well as the red and navy colors, so you’ll be first to wear them. These are a must-have piece for your wardrobe with the flattering fit and gorgeous details. They’re perfect year round!

Shipping is estimated around the end of January and we’ll have limited quantities so place your orders as soon as possible before they’re all gone!

We’ll be featuring more items from the Prairie Underground 2012 Spring Line over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates!