Prairie Underground City Caftan

When you love a piece of clothing as much as we love our one-of-a-kind City Caftan from Prairie Underground, it can be a little difficult to stop talking about it, wearing it, and bragging about it. We were absolutely ecstatic to receive this beaut’ in our Spring collection from Prairie back in March, and even now, with May nearing its end, we are still so impressed with the versatility and wearability of this piece! And now with the sun consistently showing its face around these parts of the globe (finally), the urge to splurge on colorful garments, and to ditch the dark ones, has got everyone reaching for the most vibrant and spectacular pops of color. It’s no surprise that we quickly sold out of our Black City Caftans back in March (like, every single last one), and so it comes as no surprise that the Cruiseliner and Beet hues are catching everyone’s attention in these warmer months. 

City Caftan Prairie Underground
City Caftan in Cruiseliner (left & right), in Beet (center)

But what really makes this piece so sought-after? Well, for one reason (and it’s proven to be a big one), people can’t stop obsessing over the pockets- a feature that Prairie rarely excludes from many (if not all) of their tunics and dresses; its what makes a piece like the City Caftan graduate from being a cute looking top, to a cute and functional top. Because, hey, who doesn’t need an extra hand to hold their keys and wallet once in a while?

City Caftan in Beet from Prairie Underground

But perhaps the biggest and most crucial reason that we have chosen this piece as our Prairie Underground Item of the week, is its vesratility in styling options. By choosing to call it neither a tunic nor a dress, it allows the wearer to choose the way that they want to wear it- lacking any preconceived ideas as to how they’re supposed to wear it.  With that said, we have also found that this piece can be worn by so many body types and by all ages- dressed up or dressed casually- it seems to find a place in anyone’s closet. It’s sheer simplicity gives you the option to accessorize your heart out and make it your own. And that is truly something to celebrate.

We only have a handful of these Adorn-exclusive pieces left, so make sure to check them out before they’re all gone (once they’re gone, they are gone!) Shop here> CITY CAFTAN