EVENT ALERT! This Wednesday, March 12, we’re having an exclusive Prairie Underground Trunk Show in participation with Fremont Shop the Block. The trunk show will include exclusive Prairie Underground trunk show pieces available ONLY during the week of the show and 10% off all NEW in-stock Prairie Underground items.

Take this opportunity to be one of the firsts to preview and pre-order the Prairie Underground Summer 2014 collection. Also available is our amazing ‘Gently Used‘ section that is bursting with good finds at great prices. If I haven’t persuaded you to swing by for the trunk show yet, there will be treats and refreshments!

From top left to right, here is a small glimpse of the Prairie Underground magic that just arrived in the form of two boxes!

Check out the Prairie Trunk Show Facebook Album to see pictures of what we’ll have!

Here’s a full list of what is available:

Baby Falcon Dress, available in New Gray, $77

Body Armor, available in Oyster, $253

Body Double, available in Cobalt, $165

Bounceshirt, available in Midnight, $132

Carpenter Legging, available in Denim, $172

Carpenter Legging, available in Wet Cement, $172

Cigarette Legging, available in Oyster, $150

City Caftan, available in Cool Coral, $143

City Caftan Print, available in White, $154

Derby Legging, available in Denim, $120

Derby Legging, available in Graphite, $120

Derby Legging, available in Black, $120

Dress Code, available in Wet Cement, $198

Forties Coverall, available in Graphite, $330

Foundry Top, available in Oyster, $106

Georgette Dress, available in Aluminum, $231

Georgette Dress, available in Black, $231

Georgette Dress, available in Pizazz, $231

Glove Legging,  available in Denim, $150

Heartstrings, available in Beet, $209

Ionic Blouse, available in Bruise, $209

Ionic Blouse, available in Felt, $209

Locomotion Dress, available in Denim, $176

Logo Shopper, available in Natural, $18

Lyre Tunic, available in Beet, $123

Lyre Tunic, available in Taupe, $123

Lyre Tunic, available in Airstream, $123

Oceania Pant, available in Black, $150

Prism Dress, available in Black, $92

Rain Blanket, available in Charcoal, $264

S/S Hemp Crew, available in Airstream, $92

S/S Hemp Crew, available in Blue Suede, $92

Savoy Redux, available in Umber, $187

Savoy Redux, available in Tunnel, $187

Savoy Redux, available in Chambray, $187

Savoy Redux, available in Black, $187

Simply Leda, available in Black, $143

The Hunter, available in Redwood, $231

The Hunter, available in Oatmeal, $231

Utility Dress, available in Mechanic, $216

Utility Dress, available in Vintage Wash, $216

Utility Dress, available in Wet Cement, $216

Vernacular Blazer, available in Black, $220

Vernacular Blazer, available in Oyster, $220

Vernacular Blazer, available in Dark Olive, $220

Waterfall Shift, available in Black, $187

Waterfall Shift, available in Bronzino, $187

Waterfall Shift, available in Glass, $187

Waterfall Shift, available in Penny, $187

Winged Victory, available in Blonde Sky, $176

We hope to see you there!

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