Q&A Lacey Arnett of LuluPhoto: Ashley Anderson

Q&A Lacey Arnett of LuluPhoto: Ashley Anderson

The Look:
Plenty by Tracy Reese Chemise
Prairie Underground Girdle Capri
Lulu Jewelry (available in store)

Q&A Lacey Arnett of LuluPhoto: Ashley Anderson

Q&A Lacey Arnett of Lulu
Photo: Ashley Anderson

The Look:
Free People Dress
RVCA Cardigan
Prairie Underground Girdle Capri
Lulu Jewelry
(available in store)
Yosi Samra ballet flat

Lacey Arnett of Jewelry by Lulu is an amazing designer and friend of ours, so we were stoked when she offered to come by for a Q&A. She threw on a couple of outfits (doesn’t she look AMAZE in them?!) and answered some questions for the blog. So, without further ado, here’s a another Q&A post for y’all!

Yourself in three words: Mom Of Three

How do you get inspired?: By being aware of and immersed in: creation, imperfection, sun, stones, color, city lights, wood smoke, subway tiles, radiance, road trips, texture, laughter, salt water, exuberance, and ethnicity.

A childhood memory that makes you laugh: hanging upside down on the monkey bars eating sour apples off the tree with my neighborhood cohorts. Note to self: eating apples while hanging upside down is not necessarily a good thing…

An amazing jewelry designer other than yourself: Jill Platner for her simple, organic yet sculptural jewelry.

What’s your latest fashion obsession?: Not that I practice it…but I love love the girls who can pull off extraordinary amounts of prints and colors all in one outfit so seamlessly…making every piece look like it was made for the other!

Your favorite outfit: Super simple black tank dress, a great pair of reef flip flops, preferably metallic, and a long lulu leather and stone necklace.

A trend you can’t stand?: No offense…but, I’d sure like to see the guys around town liberating themselves from their long sleeve plaid button-ups. Wow… flashbacks of growing up in North Western Montana where plaid and flannels were the uniform of choice for the local logging community.  I’m pretty sure the logging population hasn’t made a mass migration to Portland, but by the looks of it…they have!!

Summertime is best spent: Hanging out around the bonfire making s’mores and drinking coffee with my lovely husband and three sweet (yes, sweet!) and somewhat hysterical teenagers….p.s. no technology allowed!

A weird quirk about you: I don’t know if it’s weird quirk in Portland, but being Norwegian I am blessed with the adept skill of consuming Coffee from sunup to sundown and suffer no adverse affects. Other then the continued quest for my next favorite coffee shop and the fact that pinterest pictures of espresso make me drool.

Why do you love Shop Adorn?: The lovely ladies who run the joint of course!! With out them and their passion for their customers, Shop Adorn would not exist! That being said, their phenomenal selection of RVCA and QSW….because I like to pretend and dress like I live at the beach.

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