Q&A with Becki Singer of Shopping’s My Cardio

Our weekly Q&A series is back! We chat with some of our favorite people, whether they are neighbors, in the industry, or just people’s brains we want to pick, and get the scoop on their own style and take on the fashion world. First up is Becki Singer, author of the fashion blog, Shopping’sMyCardio. Q&A Becki Singer

Shopping’sMyCardio is a guide to making everyday life a little more stylish. Whether we’re talking fashion, trends, beauty, travel, design or random finds, it’s always about what’s beautiful, chic or just fun to have in your life. We spend most of our time talking fashion, but Shopping’sMyCardio doesn’t discriminate when it comes to retail therapy. So, besides stylish wardrobe essentials to covet, you’ll also find hot tips on home design, the latest in beauty products, art we think is amazing, books you just have to read…we like being unpredictable.”


Shop Adorn: How would you describe your personal fashion?

Becki Singer: I think at heart I’m pretty classic/preppy, but I always like to add a little something special to give a look a bit of edge.

SA: Who are your biggest style influencers and why?

BS: Oh, this is a long list – I have a new style influence every day. Kate Moss for being daring, Alexa Chung for loving flats. Audrey Hepburn for never making a mistake, and Katharine Hepburn for never following the rules. The girl whose closet I’d most like to play dress-up in is probably Rachel Zoe, and the girl whose closet I’d most like to steal is Olivia Palermo.

SA: What is your go-to piece of clothing and why?

BS: It’s so hard for me to choose just one! I have a handful of pieces that can really make even my most boring wardrobe day special. One is a black leather blazer from Vince with the most amazing matte texture – it can make a tee and jeans into a pitch-perfect ensemble, but it’s also perfect for work. I also have a stunning vintage turquoise-and-silver necklace that I got from my grandmother. It’s a huge statement, but it instantly makes any look feel pulled together and high fashion.

SA: Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?

BS: Lately, I’ve been finding more street style blogs that are full of inspiration – so many people are doing amazing, daring things with fashion now! If you don’t go in for street style, try visiting Pinterest and looking around at other people’s style inspirations (you can find mine here). I also keep a file of my favorite looks from magazines, so when I’m really feeling in a rut, I’ll flip through the pile. I always find something to get me back on track!

SA: What’s the one item you’ll splurge on and why?

BS: Accessories! There are so many times you can use a high/low mix with great success, but when it comes to bags and shoes, I can tell a cheap version from 50 paces. It just downgrades the entire look. Save on basics like tees and sweaters, which need replacing all the time, and splurge on great bags and shoes you can wear for years.

SA: How would you describe Portland Fashion?

BS: If I’m being honest, it took me a while to warm to Portland fashion (and, if I’m being really honest, I’m still not totally there). I’m such a preppy girl at heart, and that’s just not how Portland rolls. But there is definitely fashion to be found here! Women in Portland aren’t afraid to get creative, and I so admire them for that. Living here has made me much more prone to taking risks with my own style, and to trying new things like costume jewelry and consignment shopping. I’ll never be a girl that gravitates to tie-dye or sustainable fibers, but being in this town has definitely expanded my fashion horizons!

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