We’re continuing our Q&A series this week by spotlighting one of our Fremont Street neighbors, Julia GaRey, owner of tailor shop, Cloth and Canvas. Julia is a super seamstress, whether it’s hemming jeans to the perfect length or making pretty undergarments that you wouldn’t guess were made in house. Not even being open for a year, Julia has had great success with her shop. And moving forward, she’s got big plans for 2013.

“I am going to be changing the business model of my store in January.  The name is going to change to Silhouette and it’s going to be a women’s tailor shop.  The focus is going to be more on alterations (hemming jeans to bridal).  Ending this year, I will be launching my first lingerie and lounge wear collection plus bringing back my GaRey label coats.  And, if all goes as planned, I will be introducing my first made to measure collection for fall 2013.  I want the space to have the inspiration of a men’s tailor shop, but with the ingenuity and femininity of a women. Lingerie and suits, the mix of masculinity and femininity.”


Shop Adorn: How would you describe your personal fashion?

Julia GaRey: My personal fashion is always changing based on my mood and how long it’s been since I last did laundry.  But, I’d say my style is dressy comfortable.  In the summer I live in dresses and skirts and for winter leggings are an absolute must.

SA: Who are your biggest style influences and why?

JG: Dior is what made me fall in love with fashion.  The New Look from the 1950s is the pinnacle silhouette of femininity.  As for current designers, I love Burberry.  Their coats are iconic; their trench design flawless.  Lately, I have also been digging the styles of Caroline Herrera, Celine, and Derek Lam.

SA: What is your go-to piece of clothing and why?

JG: Anything that I have made. These pieces fit me correctly, which being 5’ is rare.  Right now I have been living in long high-low knit skirts with a tank or draped top.  Not only is this outfit crazy comfortable, the little bit of exposed leg lengthens my short frame.

SA: Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?

JG: I grab a lot of inspiration from the past.  I love timeless, classic fashion.  If a garment can transcend decades, then it is a great design.  I want my designs to be modern classics, things that can be worn for many years and not be dated to a trend.

SA: What’s the one item you’ll splurge on and why?

JG: Shoes.  I love shoes.  Shoes complete outfits or can be the focus.  And good shoes don’t make your feet hurt and I can’t make them myself.   I am totally addicted to Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  I now have three pairs from Solestruck.

SA: How would you describe Portland Fashion?

JG: Portland is a care free city and our fashion reflects this.  You can honestly do anything.  Portland is a young and creative city and that is definitely apparent in how people dress or experiment with dress. But, as trends come and go—kitty sweaters and thick-rimmed glasses are replaced with something else ironic—plaid is here to stay.  Portland has always and will always be known as the plaid wearing city (whether I like it or not).