Featuring another vendor from our recent Holiday Giveaway, this Q&A is with the wonderful Kate Sprouse, owner of Sugar Me. Her salon features a natural waxing process that is gaining popularity for its less painful procedure and longer lasting benefits.

Kate is a Portland native who started her career in 2004 when she attended a naturopathic school for esthetics where she eventually ended up teaching. It was during this time she experienced what would very quickly become her passion in life: Sugaring!

This technique is an all-natural, non-toxic way to wax using a mixture of sugar, lemon and water. It’s what Kate describes “as all the benefits of waxing with none of the drawbacks.”

Sugar Me offers sugaring services for all of the body areas that need de-fuzzing. Check out the adorable store, which is located just a few blocks down from Shop Adorn on NE Fremont Street!

1. How would you describe your personal fashion?

Hmmm… My personal fashion? I think the best way to describe my fashion is layered! I am a Portland native and have spent my whole life putting my outfits together taking into account our ever changing weather and my sheer stubbornness to never carry an umbrella! So you will usually find me in either leggings or denim and a mix of shirts or dresses with sweaters and scarves. Yep… this girl’s personal fashion is definitely layered!

2. What is your go-to piece of clothing and why?

My go-to clothing piece is my beloved pair of Frye boots. They go with pretty much all my outfits (dressy or casual), are insanely comfortable, weather-friendly, and the more they get “worn” the more I love them. :-)

3. Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?

I tend to get my fashion inspiration from the streets of Portland, as well as my clients! Portlanders are pretty darn fashionable and I can count on everyday coming in contact with my darling clients and admiring the way they look!

4. What is your favorite service offered at Sugar Me?

This one is a tough one! My favorite service would probably be sugaring brows! I think that there is a definite artwork to it, plus it has the biggest wow factor when done!

5. What is the best thing Sugar Me has to offer?

I think that the best thing that Sugar Me has to offer is a warm, friendly and welcoming environment for people to come in and get there hair removed in an all natural way! Lets be honest, there are certain areas that make people a little nervous about coming in and getting hair removed from. And our all time favorite thing is that moment when you’re in the treatment room and there is a breath of decompression from our clients because they know they are in a safe environment and are going to be treated with professionalism and care!

6. What sets Sugar Me apart from other spas?

I feel that the main thing that sets Sugar Me apart from other spas is that we specialize in the sugaring technique of hair removal. It is the only thing we do here…so we feel confident in being the best sugaristas we can be!