You have been sleeping under a rock if you live in Portland and haven’t heard of Alicia Wood! The fashion designer behind the Ms. Wood line was named Portland Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer last fall and a nice little feature about her appeared in Portland Monthly shortly after.

Alicia is a wife and mother first, Designer second (and gardener 3rd).  A Seattle native who was inspired to sew after making a pair of shorts in middle school home-ec class.

As a Portland fashion boutique, that just happens to carry Ms. Wood’s unique and stylish jewelry pieces, we had to find out what inspires her style and sense of fashion.

1. How would you describe your personal fashion?

I like to keep my personal style simple and comfortable and try to focus on what fits my body type then doll it up with statement pieces such as bold jewelry, funky handbags and/or shoes. You know, like Ms. Wood!

2. Who are your biggest style influences and why?

I think my biggest style influence was my mom.  She ALWAYS looked fabulous from head to toe no matter what she was doing.  I always loved watching her getting ready to go out, she put a lot of effort into it but she never looked over done, just her beautiful self.

What is your go-to piece of clothing and why?

My go-to piece/s of clothing are Jeans (surprise!!!).  You can just dress em’ up or down too easily!

3. Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?

I seriously find fashion inspiration anywhere aaall the time.  I can’t turn it off.

4. What’s the one item you’ll splurge on and why?

I can’t splurge that often but when I do it’s shoes.  They can make or break an outfit.  So, I like to try and “make” my outfits that way.

5. How would you describe Portland Fashion?

Comfortable, functional, & unique.