Winter always seems to be the time for bigger bags. Each February, my bag is overflowing with tissues for runny noses, lotion for cracked skin, and mittens for frigid fingers. Rather than sporting a luggage-sized tote bag like Nicole Richie, opt for a stylish cross body bag! We put together a bunch of outfits featuring several bags that are available in-store. Once you’ve found your perfect match, the real struggle begins. With such a long strap, there are so many ways to wear it! Can a girl ever have too many options?


1) The One-Sided Wonder. You don’t have to wear a cross body bag across your chest just because it’s in the name! Are french fries actually french? Do you have to use a laptop on your lap? Heck no! Let’s break some rules! Simply wear the bag over one shoulder like you would with a normal purse. The body of the bag should hit thigh-length. Although this look might require a bit of readjusting as the strap tends to slide off, it creates a great casual look. It’s also a perfect alternative if you hate wearing a strap over your girls. Let ’em run free!


2) Center of the Stage. Believe it or not, fanny packs are suddenly back in style! If you aren’t ready to make the leap back to the 80’s, start with a baby step and let your cross body bag go where no bag has never gone before – on your tummy! It sounds a little strange, but it’s perfect for smaller cross body bags. Wear it across your body as you would normally, but adjust the body of the bag so it rests where a fanny pack would! This is a safe option if you’re traveling internationally or to a big city and want to protect your bag. Instead of looking touristy, you can claim this look is high fashion!

woven tassle

3) Get a Grip! The cross body strap is detachable for a reason! Sometimes your outfit is too fab to be covered up by a bag. Tuck in the longer strap and carry your bag by the shorter handles! Is it just me or does a purse feel like a briefcase when held like this? If I need an extra boost of productivity in the morning, I’ll carry my bag this way and pretend I’m a super successful CEO. Gotta fake it til you make it!

Whichever way you choose to wear your purse, make sure it is comfortable! We just received a ton of brand new cross body bags in the shop so come on by and give them a test drive!