Meet our September Customer of the Month - Jolie!

Jacket: BB Dakota / Dress: BB Dakota / Leggings: M. Rena / Boots: Ivylee / Necklace: Elk

We’re so excited to announce our September Customer of the Month: Jolie! This world traveler, artist, teacher, and perpetual learner also has amazing personal style. Our house stylists had a fabulous time with Jolie as she tried on Adorn’s newest pieces!

ADORN: What is your favorite Adorn piece?

JOLIE: Oooh, so hard to choose! My Pons get the most use, since I have them in three colors (navy, turquoise and brown), and my Prairie Underground Vernacular Blazer works with nearly everything. But I really love my leather Lily and Lola bag. It was a splurge, but it’s beautifully made and I get compliments on it every time I use it.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?

Hmm, tricky, since it would need to be pretty versatile, since my days alternate between the Pilates studio and the art studio. Okay. Solved! Leggings, a tank top, and my long red Prairie Underground hoodie, with my black boots. Am I allowed to change accessories? A bright scarf or a switch to my brown Pons for summer, and an apron to keep the paint off, since this would be my only outfit!

Meet our September Customer of the Month - Jolie!

LEFT Poncho: Bailey 44 / Dress: BB Dakota / Leggings: M. Rena / Boots: Ivylee / Necklace: Jenny Bird

RIGHT Poncho: Volcom / Dress: Hard Tail / Pants: Prairie Underground / Boots: H by Hudson / Necklace: Mariella Pilato

Heels or flats?

Flats. Almost always. I like to feel solidly grounded and steady on my feet.

What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?

My fall jeans. Adorn does denim so beautifully, and I know I’ll get a pair that looks amazing, and feels great. I love Hudson jeans, but Brittany at Fremont convinced me to try a pair of Paige jeans that look great. I had to get them hemmed, since I’m short, and I can’t wait to get them back!

Meet Adorn's Customer of the Month Jolie!

Sweater: Margaret O’Leary / Button Down: Volcom / Tee: Wilt / Pants: Prairie Underground / Boots: H by Hudson / Necklace: Elk

What did your wedding dress look like?

Oh dear, that’s a story worth telling. So… I wanted a super simple dress. I found a cream floor length dress at a local department store, and bought it on the spot. It was easy and pretty.

Then my mom got involved.

She convinced me to return the dress and get a family friend who was a seamstress to custom make a dress for me. We chose a pattern with a plain neckline (so I could wear my grandmother’s pearls), loose flowy sleeves, and a sweep train. We bought the silk and delivered it to Nina, who began sewing.

When I went for the first fitting, I was a little worried, but Nina reassured me that it was going to be beautiful. I didn’t know much about sewing, so I just trusted her.

The Monday before the wedding, I went for the final fitting. Nina had just stepped out, but her co-worker pointed me to the dressing room, and I walked in. I immediately walked back out hoping I was in the wrong room.

There was my $300 worth of silk, that was supposed to be loose and flowy with a simple neckline. But instead it was a dress that clung to me in all the wrong places. Nina had very generously taken the extra fabric (which was supposed to be for the loose and flowy version) and used it to embellish the neck with ruffles.

I cried.

Then I hung the dress in the back of my closet and tried to forget that I was out of options.

My friend Michelle came over on Wednesday to help with wedding prep and as soon as she walked in, she said:

“Ooh! I want to see the dress! Go try it on for me!”

“Jolie…what is that look? I want to see it!”

“Girl–go put that dress on now.”

When I walked out in the dress, she said, “Jolie you can’t get married in that dress–it makes you look like a heifer!”

She took the next day off of work, and we called every bridal shop in the county in hopes of finding a dress that might work with 36 hours left before the wedding. She found one 45 minutes away and it was beautiful. It needed alterations, but we pinned it in with safety pins and managed to make it work. Even with safety pins showing, it was still better than the “Heifer Dress.”

And that is how I had three dresses for one wedding.

What is your favorite color to wear? Least favorite?

I love gray. Especially with a pop of yellow or orange. I’m not a fan of pastels. I always feel like I’m heading to a baby shower when I’m in pastels.

First clothing purchase you remember making?

I had this silver swimsuit when I was about six. It was the eighties. I loved that thing so much. I thought I was hot stuff wearing that suit.

Meet Adorn's September Customer of the Month - Jolie!

Sweater: Maison Scotch / Top: Maison Scotch / Jeans: Fidelity / Shoes: Calou / Necklace: Elk

Thanks Jolie for being our September Customer of the Month! It’s always fun to see our latest pieces in action and to get to know our loyal customers better.

You can also check out some of Jolie’s work on her website!