The Nose Knows

If you didn’t know already, we have some fantastic smellies in the shop that will have your nostrils in a daze of loveliness!

WP 000647 The Nose Knows


What’s most exciting is that, with the help of the Alchemy, we were able to create our very own fragrance!

A spicy, yet soothing mix of ginger and orange extracts, we love the way the Alchemy has brought our vision to life!

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With four different types of smell-goods, the Adorn line includes liquid soap perfect for sudsing up at shower-time loofa, bath salts what will transform any tube into a relaxing pool, and lotion that will heal your dry skin in seconds.

WP 000648 The Nose Knows




WP 000650 The Nose Knows

Also, set a romantic or mellow mood with the Adorn soy candle and  allow the tangy orange so waft over you.




If ginger and orange aren’t your scent than you may want to try our other two of the Alchemy’s fragrances: Summer of Love and Hazy Shade of Winter.

WP 000652 The Nose KnowsHoliday peppermint and smooth vanilla are wrapped up into one to make the delightful Hazy Shade of Winter, but if you’re looking to mentally escape the cold weather for a bit than the patchouli and lavender scent that is The Summer of Love will sure help you do that. Both scents are available in lotion, candle, bath salts and soap form like the Adorn scent it. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these clean, fresh smell-goods!

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