We finally revealed what’s behind the brown paper at 4120 NE Fremont St!

As you saw in the previous post, we’ve been hard at work. Yesterday, we opened our doors for a private unveiling party (if you missed it, don’t worry, the grand opening will be in October)!

The end result of a lot of hard work, sweat and laughter.

Almost everything you see was hand-crafted by Ethan, including all the fixtures and the beautiful new fitting rooms. Whatever he couldn’t make, we found throughout the city, combining new, vintage and re-purposed materials.

We barely got the floors swept and the paper off the windows before people started dropping by.

You can see the Denim wall on the left. We wanted a quick and visual way to show off the different cuts, lengths and styles – not so accessible when everything is folded away. This definitely made jean shopping a breeze and the Agave and J Brand jeans proved extremely popular (and flattering!).

By 6:30 pm, the vodka lemonade was flowing and the shop, all 1500 square feet was packed! We increased the number of fitting rooms to three for the new location and they were busy all night long.

In the coming days, we’ll be highlighting different areas of the new store, including our expanded men’s section and more information on the great brands on our Denim wall. We’ll also be making minor upgrades and changes and prepping for our official grand opening in October.

We are just thrilled with our new location and neighbors – still in the heart of Beaumont Village, we finally have the space to expand our brands. We just want to thank everyone who came out last night and helped celebrate our unveiling.  We wouldn’t be in our new place without your support, enthusiasm and loyalty. We have the best friends and customers!