We are excited to announce that on the 25th of each month we’ll feature a special post from Portland Picks own Alisa Sloan, featuring her favorite items currently available at Shop Adorn. Be sure and tune in to see what Alisa loves each month and what you may want to buy! Her first installment is below!

Oooh, springtime at Adorn is a garden of awesome! I just glanced at the New Arrivals page and I’m already overcome with anticipation about building an outfit!


First up: Prairie Underground’s Satellite top in clay. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, and even though it’s basically a sweatshirt, it’s SEXY. Rowr. Plus—bonus!—it has pockets!




Next, I’m pairing it with the Siwy Hannah Jeans. They’re the perfect length for wearing with the Satellite top (skinny and cropped), and so ridiculously comfortable that we’re considering sleeping in them. (Designer “Pajama Jeans,” amiright?)



Add the perfect accessory—Owlita’s astoundingly sexy/earthy feather earrings in “Prairie Short.” They blend with any haircolor, totally match the Satellite top without trying too hard, and may be the hottest things we’ve ever seen hanging from an ear. Ever. Available in store only.


And to top it all off, the Teddy Girl nail laquer from Butter London will add that bit of sweet girlishness that we always strive for—maybe now we can achieve it!

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