Shop Adorn in portland, OR carries Siwy Denim!  We have new styles in stock now including siwy marielle pant, siwy valentine, siwy hannah jeans, and siwy anita jeans!

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All these styles from siwy denim are favorites of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kristin Stewart, and Megan Fox.  Our newest style, the siwy harley bootcut jean, was seen recently on Megan Fox:

We know it’s hard to find jeans that fit well, but your search is over if you buy siwy denim!  These jeans are made to flatter and they are super soft and fashionable.  These are the kind of jeans that you can wear everyday and pair with anything.  Siwy denim is something you need to add to your closet!  Pair with quiksilver limited or L.A.M.B. Clothing for a completed look.