For a clothing brand to survive the ever-changing and evolving world of fashion for a little under 110 years I think it’s safe to assume that they are doing something right. Starting out making handmade sheepskin vests that were sold on the street to the dock workers of New York, the Spiewak brand has come a very long way from the waterfront of the big Apple, becoming a leader in the jacket industry. Because of the high quality of material used and the innovative but still functional designs of Spiewak jackets, we like them becuase they will last for years and years to come (maybe not 110 years, but still).

For the guys!

For the guy with a more classic style our Spiewak Forsythe Jacket in Navy is exactly what he’ll need. There are very few colors that will clash with the navy of this coat, yet the blue is a nice change from the blacks and browns of many cold weather jackets we see pop up in the Fall and Winter months. Made of 100% polyester this jacket is machine washable, which is always a plus when it comes to coats, and is simply the best pick for everyday wear.

If you are looking for more bang for your buck the Spiewak Saginaw Jacket in Black is a three-in-one combo you will love! Basically three jackets in one, the inner lining of the coat unzips to reveal a lightweight, quilted vest that can easily be worn separately over a flannel button-down or your guy’s favorite sweatshirt. The outer jacket can be worn without the vest lining for those days a more lightweight option is required, or wear it all together (outer jacket and inner vest) for a thick coat that will keep you warm even on the rainiest of Oregon days.

For the ladies!

Don’t worry ladies, Spiewak carries a women’s line that they cater to just as much as their men’s. The ladies of our Portland boutique just love bundling up tight in the Spiewak Beeson Coat in Tarmac Brown on those chilly fall days. This more traditional rain coat comes in at the waist slightly, allowing a woman to still look like a women, and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Now, I am sure there are a those petite women out there who are cringing at the length of the Spiewak Beeson. A fun alternative for those of you who might be feeling this way is the more modern looking Spiewak Saratoga Jacket in Olive Brown. Because this coat is made of wool and is dry clean only it is definitely not one we recommend wearing on days of torrential downpours, but the material is perfect for keeping you toasty and protected from the breeze on those crisp autumn afternoons. That all being said, this is the ideal year-round short pea coat for any wardrobe, and the edgy design makes it suitable for a number of different occasions.