Every once-in-awhile we come across a product that makes us want to slap our foreheads and exclaim “Well DUH! How has no one though of this before? Brilliant!” Bootights are the culmination of one women’s “humiliation and desperation”. While traveling on a business trip Bootights founder Shelby Mason was forced to remove her boots while going through airport security, only to display the frumpy white man socks she had worn over her tights for extra comfort. Yup, definitely been there and had to do that. Talk about embarrassing!

So, to keep that from happening again Shelby came up with the revolutionary Bootights, which are tights with sock footies at the bottom! See what I mean, why didn’t some one come up with this sooner, it’s so genius, right?


It is a really odd sensation wearing boots and tights without socks on, slipping and sliding all over the place, and the thin material is less than ideal for cold weather. With the sock at the bottom, Bootights get rid of that feeling in one easy piece. The sock is thick and warm, and comes in Mid-Calf or Ankle heights, while the tight portion comes in a number patterns and colors (like our Heather Grey/Black Draper Herringbone Bootights or the Opaque Ankle Bootights in Wine) to go with any outfit imaginable. We are seriously obsessed!

Bootights   Bootights    Bootights

Bootights have been featured in InStyle, OK Magazine, and on Luckymag.com, as well as highlighted on the Oprah show, shown below!