I won’t lie to you, when I heard that there were a pair of leggings that were one-size fits-all I had to stifle a gasp of horror and hold back a cringe. However, the nano-second we got the Nikibiki leggings in I was hooked. I am alllll about the legging, with my standard life “uniform” being some riding boots, a big baggy sweater or oversized button-down, and leggings. And with all the options out there it is hard to find a legitimate pair of leggings that are a good quality and thickness, but the Nikibiki leggings pass both tests and met all my expectations.

nikibiki leggings          nikibiki leggings

Available in ankle length leggings as well as Capri leggings, Nikibiki leggings are made of a thick, jersey style fabric. It’s essential when buying leggings that you make sure they don’t become see through when you move around (nothing is worse than seeing someone’s undergarments when they go to pick something up. Talk about an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction!), and the material that Nikibiki leggings are made of offer the perfect amount of strech while still maintaing the opaqueness of the color.

Now, it isn’t just leggings that Nikibiki does well, but they also create beyond amazing camisoles that are perfect for layering under virtually any tops.

nikibiki leggings and camisolesnikibiki leggings and camisoles

Offered in a number of different fun and basic colors the Nikibiki cami is also one-size fits-all, but if my encounter with the Nikibiki leggings taught me anything it’s that I no longer have to fear “one-size fits-all”! Size zeros and pregnant women wear the exact same top thanks to the super stretchy, revolutionary knitting technique. These camisoles are ultra comfy and help give the wearers a slim silhouette, which, let’s face it, is something we all want. We always keep the Nikibiki camisoles in stock because they are a wardrobe essential, so you should have no problem finding them to try out for yourself!