Spotlight Tuesday: Rosanna Handbags

New to the Shop Adorn family, Rosanna Handbags, a brand founded by Seattleite Rosanna Bowls, brings a playful spirit, color and pattern to our eclectic collection of brands and fits in seamlessly with our aesthetic. Brought in in December, we are super excited to get the chance to display such great purses!

Rosanna handbags


Our Rosanna Ikat Handbag make great additions to the women-on-the-go’s arsenal, allowing her to carry all the essentials, from wallet to iPad to cell phone to Yosi Samra flats to extra kleenex and so on! Made with leather straps that won’t slip and slide off your shoulder when you’re sprinting through the rain to your car or chasing down the bus, the Rosanna Ikat Handbags also come in a TON of fun and unique patterns that will add some pop to any old outfit.¬†Totally versatile, the Rosanna bags are collapsible so you can carry them in another purse for later use, but open to a large carrying space of 27” wide.

Rosanna handbag


What makes this bag even better is that it’s made of cotton which allows for easy peasy washing. Just remove the leather straps and pop it in the washing machine. If you’re looking to get the leather straps so fresh and so clean, clean as well then you can wash those bad boys alone in cold water and hang them to dry. Volia! Your Rosanna bag will be looking new and spotless in no time, so you can keep doing all those things you just gotta do!



If big bags aren’t your style and you can get away with a simple pouch then the Rosanna Ikat Pouch is perfect for you, because it incorporates all the fun fabrics and designs of the Rosanna Ikat Handbags into a small, compact purse. We love the inkblot-esque pattern of the Rosanna Ikay Pouch in¬†Orange and Red, and the off-kilter chevron of the Rosanna Ikat Pouch in Charcoal.

Rosanna handbagRosanna handbagRosanna handbag

Made of sturdy canvas and leather the Rosanna Ikat Pouches come with a removable leather strap, which allows you the option of carrying it as a clutch or using it as a wallet. And we’re all about choices, so that works for us!

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