What happens when three friends with a love of design, clothing, and the environment get together? Well, in the case of Glencora Twigg, Jessica Vaira, and Christine Hotton, a clothing brand was born. Established in 2007 Twigg, Vaira and Hotton pulled together as sister’s in sustainable fashion and created We3 Designs, a clothing line that focuses on the modern-day women, and sustainability.

Starting with basics that every wardrobe needs, We3 Designs then builds on those, creating pieces that will layer and compliment those basics. Next, the trio throws in some more avante guard pieces into the mix to add a bit of uniqueness. All together, every season of the We3 line is fashion forward as well as utterly on trend.

We3 Cowl Neck long sleeve

With our newest batch of goodies we were super excited to get a bit of all those different sides of the We3 brand. This season we’ve been in love with cowl necks, and so when we finally got our We3 Cowl Neck Essential long-sleeve we were over-the-moon about the basic top. The perfect blend of relaxed and trendy, this long sleeve is the base of pretty much any outfit, wether you choose to wear it alone with jeans or under a nice cardigan with a skirt and heels. Available in the stunning Nova Red (shown), soft Flint, or ever wearable Black.

We3 cardigan

Speaking of layering cardis, the We3 Ella Fitzgerald Carigan goes so flawlessly with the We3 Cowl Neck long sleeve we would pair the two together for a comfortable yet sophisticated look in a heartbeat (I mean, we already did on the model!). With belt that can be buttoned to cinch in the waits, this blazer-esque cardigan is drapey and elegant and made of 100% Superfine Merino Wool. The rich Moroccan Blue (shown) and Military are winter appropriate without being dreary or brooding.


We3 Daphne Tunic

Another layering piece that is more on the avante guard side is the We3 Daphne Du Maurier Tunic. Perfect for throwing on over your most comfortable pairs of leggings or wearing alone with heels for a sizzling hot night-out look, this oversized tunic has a wide waistband and turtle neck that are doubled over. Made from cotton, bamboo and spandex (Hello! Three of the most comfortable, flexible fabrics around!), the We3 Daphne tunic is 1 part sexy, 1 part casual and all parts fantastic.




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