The “blingier” the watch the better, right? Wrong! Some times a good wood timepiece is all you need, and WeWood watches prove that. Seemingly coming from the mind of Geppetto, these 100% natural wood watches are our new eco-friendly obsession. I’m quoting their website’s “About Us” spiel because it is just too funny: “The baby of an Italian shoe dude who loves watches and two eco-smart entrepreneurs with a crush on the environment, WE fashions wooden timepieces from mostly scrap-wood and uses state-of-the-art Miyota movements for the guts, resulting in a unique watch that’s handsome, earth-friendly, and splash-proof.”

What’s great about these pieces is that not only are the 100% natural, WeWood has made it their mission to help restore the material they use to the Earth, by planting a tree for every WeWood purchase with the help of their partner American Forests.

WeWood Watches: Jupiter Watch in Black

WeWood Jupiter Watch

WeWood Watches: Date Watch in Beige/Brown

WeWood Date Watch

WeWood Watches: Date Watch in Teak

WeWood Date Watch in Teak

WeWood Watches: Date Watch in Chocolate

WeWood Date Watch

I really don’t think there is anything quite like our WeWood watches out there. They are so unique as well as being truly striking in appearance. What’s best, they are adjustable to fit most wrists, so they are perfect for both men and women. Smooth and virtually weightless WeWood watches are also hypo-allergenic and made to go the distance, lasting for years. So many great features can only mean one thing: they are the PERFECT holiday gift for almost anyone!

*Due to the season and age of the wood chosen for your unique WeWood Timepiece, colors may be darker or lighter (within reason and hue) than the photo.