There is something to be said about how a good watch can truly enhance an outfit. The most functional form of bracelet is how I like to think of timepieces, especially when layered with other adorable arm candy. TOKYOBay is one of our newest brands we have picked up for Spring because of their ridiculously adorable and totally functional watches that go above and beyond simple timepieces and blend trends and fashion to make the perfect accessory.

“With a vision to take the best watch designs of the classic eras and give them a modern edge, in 1991, Dory Isaacs and Jun Kobayashi began TOKYObay to create and market well-designed, fun and affordable watches and accessories… Today our company based in San Francisco has built a diverse and loyal mix of fans all over the world. With a variety of styles that appeal to just about anyone, you can find TOKYObay in… fashion publications such as Elle and In Style. TOKYObay has quickly become a staple of trend-wise consumers looking for just the right thing to wear.”

For a more delicate, multi-bracelet look, we’ve brought in the Tokyo Bay Nishiki Watch in Lilac (shown left) and the Tokyo Bay Gaucho Watch in Green (shown right). Both have bands long enough to wrap around the wearer’s wrist multiple times for a layered look that is young and fresh. We were also drawn to the bright Spring green of the Gaucho watch, and the woven purple of the Nishiki watch. Colors are a big part of ant Spring wardrobe, so whichever one you decided to wear you will work perfectly with all the season color trends.

For the fellas out there, we think the Tokyo Bay Track Watch in Grey is a great choice.  The round dial in a choice of two sizes has a great color combination of number/dial and band (the numbers are HUGE by the way, something I personally tend to appreciate in an everyday watch) , while the band is a soft nubuck leather that is comfortable as well as sophisticated; and let’s face it, what guy or gal doesn’t enjoy when something that looks good and is comfortable to wear is also sleek and fashion-forward?