Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 12.25.12 PM A new season brings new inspiration, feelings and perspectives. According to runway, street, and retail trends, Spring 2014 promises floral prints, flirty flats, sun dresses and skirts like never before. Here are just a few of the ‘new and now’ trends we love.

long skirtPlay up your perfect proportions with a long skirt this spring. Long skirts give the illusion of lengthy legs and a slender waist. What’s not to love? The surprising modern take on the long skirt is to wear with them flats! It might feel strange at first, but go ahead- toss your heels to the side and grab a pair of oxfords or peep-toed sandals for your sunny day spent out and about.

flatsEmbellished flats are all the rage right now. Your favorite designers have taken the chunky, platform look we all know from the nineties and revived them in a whole new way. What used to be considered flashy is now seen as inspired and chic. A bold flat can take you from a basic, boring ‘fit to a contemporary, vogue get-up in a blink of the eye. One might even dare say that these flats save the day! While slightly more subdued, we highly suggest Yosi Samra ballet flats to perfect your Spring look!

TshapeA new shape is being brought to life this spring. The T shape style features structured shoulders and defined necklines, letting the skirt of the dress to free-fall and flatter.  This style is seen in a variety of pieces, like a sleek, wide sleeve tee-dress or tunic. Garments with the T shape are typically made from slightly stiffer fabrics to hold the T shape. This shape is prime real-estate for large and fearless prints, making it easy to get your print fix in a fashion-forward way!

floralFloral prints have evolved from their expected lovey-dovey aesthetic and are leaving women feeling strong and bold this spring. The hybrid of flowers, warmth, and eye-catching shapes parallel the emotions we all know and love for spring time, but are doing it in a whole new way. Structured coats, tailored and fitted dresses, and elegant chiffon are all featuring floral prints and patterns.  Mix and match your floral prints, accent them with gold jewelry and capture everyone’s attention this spring!

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