You can’t imagine the excitement that results from the delivery of a new collection in the store! The process of unwrapping, inputting, and steaming each piece is laborious, but the mini-fashion show that ensues makes it totally worth it. It’s always interesting to see which pieces become staff favorites. We all have such unique styles so there’s never an item that goes unloved. Here are our personal favorites from the Prairie Underground Spring 2014 Collection!


Nicole’s Picks: “I love the rustic color of the Prairie Underground Cigarette Legging and how they come up and show the smallest part of my body… my ankles! I will wear these into fall, too, and tuck them into boots. But this spring, it’s all about vests. I liked the  Prairie Underground Body Armor when I ordered it but LOVE it now that I’ve tried it on. What’s not to love about the Prairie Underground Dress Code? It covers the belly and covers the arms! It’s my day to night play dress.”


Kristen’s Picks: “Anyone who knows me, knows I love casual chic! For me, the Prairie Underground Savoy Redux epitomize that. I’d pair this with a simple well-fitting top like the Hubris Emily Cowl, a pair of gladiator sandals, big earrings like these from Sahlia, and dozens of great bracelets stacked up my arm!”


Jessica L.’s Picks: “The Prairie Underground Mesa Sweater is the perfect oversized spring sweater! Pair it with some skinny denim and a chunky necklace and you’re ready to go! I’m with Nicole on the Prairie Underground Dress Code. It’s from Prairie so you know it’ll be super comfortable while still looking fabulous. And the cobalt blue color really pops.”


Jessica B.’s Picks: “The Prairie Underground Waterfall Shift could not have been more appropriately named! Its effortless silhouette is both structural and flowy, following the curves of a woman’s body while allowing her to feel naked at the same time! It works well as both a clean statement piece and as an inspiring backdrop for endless layering and accessorizing options. I love the refreshing surprise of being proven wrong about a piece of clothing! I hated the Prairie Underground Body Armor upon first glance but then fell in love upon recognizing all the ways I could toy with its presentation. I would zip this baby all the way up in front and then cinch it in the back to support the facade of aloof intensity that is sometimes required to make it through a busy day on the go. Fashionable ‘body armor,’ indeed!”