It’s officially December and the count down to Christmas 2012 has begun. Stores playing Christmas music, homes covered in twinkly lights, and Starbuck holiday cups in full circulation!! Ah, the season of giving is in the air, and we are full of holiday cheer. To go along with this Christmas feeling, and because there is only 23 days left to get everything you need, we thought we’d bring you a week filled with gift guides and ideas that will help you get organized.

Today’s guide is all about those little surprises we love finding in our stocking, so here is our 2012 stocking stuffer gift guide!

For Gals:

gift guide: stocking stuffersPersonally, there are two things I always hope to find in my stocking every year: 1. chocolate, and 2. nail polish. While the first needs no explanation (I’m a women, after all, so I tend to crave chocolate at least 85% of my day naturally), the second really is one of the best stuffers for a few reasons. Polishes are generally very affordable so you can snag a few at a time, you don’t have to stress about sizing, and there are virtually millions of different colors you can choose from to match the receiver’s personality and style. Our ButterLondon nail lacquers have all these qualities, plus the bonus of being eco-friendly and free of those yucky, harmful chemicals found in most polishes.

For the extra fashionable beauty lover, take a step further with our ButterLondon Lips & Tips package, which is filled with a great ButterLondon polish and “lippy”.


gift guide: stocking stuffer

Practical gifts do not, I repeat, DO NOT have to be bland or boring, and we have a number of items in our Portland boutique that prove this. The Wooden Ships Santa Fe Headscarf is one of those items, as it is both fashionable as well as extremely useful during the cold months of winter. The soft Santa Fe cotton will keep your ears protected from harsh chills, but because of the open knit this headband can be worn by any trendsetter throughout the year as a fashionable hair accessory.




gift guide: keep it local

From Oregon’s upstairs neighbor (Washington) comes the awesome jewelry of Mishakaudi. Handmade with love and care, these Mishakaudi Ava Earrings are a great way to bring some bling and glamour to a girl’s Christmas stocking. With their brushed brass finish and and somewhat tribal design, the Ava earrings are the perfect accessory for someone with an edgy look, but also great for someone with a soft and natural style.





gift guide: stocking stuffers

Free People has had some of our most favorite leg-wear this season, with their adorable tall socks and playful tights. These Free People Opaque Dot Tights are so fun with their contrasting polka dots scattered all over the leg. The sizing is Small/Medium and Medium/Large, so it’s generally pretty easy to guesstimate if you aren’t 100% sure what size you need. We are also more than willing to help you out if you just give us a ring or swing on into our Portland shop :)









For Guys:


 RVCA Magic Wallet in Brown RVCA Magic Wallet in Brown

Like a purse is to a women, wallets are to men. Guys need that one great wallet they can store all their cards and cash in (or whatever it is guys carry around), and this ingenious RVCA Magic Wallet is a fun, “magical” way for dudes to hide away all those things. And don’t you worry, you eco-friendly fiends, this wallet’s leather is “faux” real… meaning it’s not real… get it? Oh boy, it’s one of those days.


Things that roll up nicely always make a great stocking stuffer make, which is why we think these Pendleton Portland Collection ties are prefect for this holiday season. The fact that the Pendleton Portland Collection is produced in Oregon and only comes out with a collection once a year gives these ties an air of exclusivity that any guy would love to have.










gift guide: stocking stuffers

We spotlighted Coal Headwear a few weeks back, but I have to say, we are just as obsessed with the brand now as we were then, especially their beanies. Unburdened by over-the-top logos or branding, these knit caps just… are. They are soft and cozy, and really can be given to any guy with any style.

The neutral, earthy color of the Coal The Fields in Dark Khaki is really universal, and the guitar pick sewn gift into the inner seam of the hat is sure to be an extra surprise. It’s basically two stocking stuffer gifts in one!




gift guide: stocking stuffers

Last, but not at all least, the WeWood Jupiter Watch is a fantastic stocking stuffer for guys who like to accessorize (haha, that rhymed!). Made of 100% natural wood, like all our WeWood watches, this watch may not have the “bling” factor, but it DEFINITLY has the “wow” factor. Truly unique and a bit of a novelty, this is a gift that will get any guys attention on Christmas morning.