Is it just me or is spring one of the absolute best times for fashion? It just rolls the best of all the seasons right into one. The fall/winter layering, texture, and denim mixed with summer’s bright colors, prints, and that easy-breezy vibe – you know what I mean? Street style gets downright turnt UP when spring rolls around and I must say, I’m a fan. I had a hard time picking my favorite trends for spring 2014, and I really had to narrow it down, but here are my top five, in no particular order:

bootcut spring

THE BOOTCUT. Praise all that is holy – this cut, when done right, is the MOST flattering cut of denim. Thank the stars that this one is coming back, ladies. The bootcut balances out any and all shape and size. My personal, year-round preference is a solid, dark wash – easy to dress up, easy to dress down. But for spring and summer, a lighter wash like the Henry and Belle Micro Flare Jean in Parchment can be a total dream. Kiss those skinnies goodbye! Just kidding, hold onto them because they’re still really cute, and you need them for tucking into your boots.. But you get the picture.

prints spring

PRINT MIXING or as I sometimes like to call it – “Conscious Clashing”. If you’ve been in the shop or on the website recently, you may have noticed that we sorta have a “thing” for stripes. So much, in fact, that I’ve personally dubbed them a neutral. Honestly though, I’m a seriously firm believer in mixing your prints until the cows come home. Stripes, polka dots, and florals are a really great place to start if you’re feeling timid about this one. The Maison Scotch Sheer Printed Tunic in Combo A is easy to style with either a pair of jeans or, if you’re feeling wild, a printed skirt. A good rule of thumb is to mix a larger print with a smaller print (i.e. a tight, thin stripe with a larger polka dot or floral, or a smaller polka dot with a bolder stripe – get the picture?). A good example of this is the LA Made 3/4 Sleeve Boatneck Top with the Sanctuary Palazzo Pant pictured above. Once you feel you’ve mastered it – I say go bananas, girl. Plaids, textures, camo, houndstooth, you name it – all are great for spring! The only catch? You gotta OWN IT.

boyfriend spring

THE BOYFRIEND. The boyfriend jean totally screams spring time, to me. I’m a huge fan of this look, especially because of it’s versatility. Right now I’m loving the Kut from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jean in Extensive! Throw them on with a white tee and a pair of chucks, and you’ve got that whole “It’s moving day but I still look adorable and put together” thing going. Add a blazer and change your sneaks to a clog, heel, or ankle bootie? Spring date night done right, folks. Not to mention the comfort factor which, lets be honest, is the most important part of any outfit.

 jumpsuit spring

THE COVERALL. I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a coverall. Onesie, romper, jumpsuit, whatever you want to call it, I am a straight-up fiend. I’d like to say that it’s mostly because of their ranking on the cuteness scale (which obviously has major influence) but if I’m being totally honest, it’s the fact that they’re a real no-brainer. Judge me all you want, but I’m just not that girl who plans out her outfits the night before (sidenote: I wish I was that girl, you guys are geniuses..). The onesie is an absolute life-saver in the morning when you wake up late and can’t jump-start your brain into deciding what to wear. It’s a whole outfit in ONE piece. Can I just say, duh? Currently we have so many amazing options in the shop! Shown here are the Ella Moss Kona Jumpsuit and the Pendleton Portland Collection Champoeg Romper. For our ladies who want to take jumpsuitin’ to the next level, check out the Prairie Underground Forties Coverall.

white denim spring

WHITE DENIM. Guys, I get it, this one can be tricky. But if there’s one thing I have to say about fashion, it’s to just go for it! So many great brands are releasing white denim for spring – just look at the Henry and Belle Ideal Ankle Skinny jeans or the Henry and Belle Micro Flare Jean in Parchment! Maybe it’s slightly impractical, maybe you’re begging the coffee gods to teach you a lesson, but my advice is to simply pack your tide-to-go, screw the lid on your to-go mug extra tight and rock these babies like a wagon wheel. There aren’t many outfits that look cleaner or more put together than one consisting of a crisp, white pant. Skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, whatever floats your pretty little boat, I fully support your decision. Just make sure they, ya know, fit… (