Pinterest, Tumblr, blogs, Facebook. They all are procrastination enablers, sneakily wiggling their way into our lives and sucking up all our spare time before we even know what hit us. But while they take take take, they also give us a lot. Amusement, enjoyment, and, most importantly, inspiration! So here are a few of our fav pics of the week, pulled from all corners of the interwebs, that lend us some inspiration, make us think or simply make our day a little bit happier.

P.S. 20 awesome points to anyone who get’s the title reference.

Red Hot.

I’m on a boat.

Braided together.

How Rachel Berry of you.

No use crying over spilt tomatoes.


You’re weird.

Man, that’s a nice purse.

Baggy swag

We can wear the world.

Just chillin’.

Tats and neon.

Cut it out.