September has been a blur! In addition to new fall shipments, we’re moving our shop. It’s only a few blocks down from our current location but it’s been a great deal of work. The last few weeks have been spent painting, designing, shopping and building. Our original Fremont location had a modern and clean aesthetic but for our new space, we decided to go a completely different route with an Eco-industrial decor.

The new store was essentially a blank slate. Several weeks ago, we started with this.

We selected a medium grey color for the walls which changed the space immediately. We know what you’re thinking – “grey walls in Oregon?” – but it works!

One new feature that Nicole designed was a Denim Wall – beautifully executed by Ethan. It looks a bit bare right now but it’ll be covered with J Brand, Agave and Siwy soon!

The centerpiece for the new store, a new cashwrap. Nicole spent many late nights scouring Pinterest for ideas and fell in love with the penny countertops and flooring. It’s hard to believe that we started with some simple white cabinets but with some reclaimed lumber…

and a LOT of pennies later, we ended up with this.

We spent several hours patiently popping the bubbles that rose to the surface but it was worth it. The counter seems to glow.