Don’t you love holidays that make choosing an outfit stress free? I have a small selection of obnoxiously bright green clothes just for St. Patrick’s Day. Luckily Valentine’s Day requires the same amount of minimal effort. Throw on anything red and you’re suddenly festive! We’ve put together a curated collection of all items in Shades of Rouge all available online and in our Portland Boutique. Deck yourself out from head-to-toe or keep it simple with a pop of color. With all fashion-stress diffused, you can indulge in what the holiday is all about: chocolate and champagne!


1) Date Night Decadence. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to break your habit of only wearing black to go out (I’m guilty, too!). The Bobi Sleeveless Dress with Ruching is appropriate year-round. Wear it with warm M. Rena Leggings and a blazer or bare some skin in the summer with bright accessories!


2) Lazy Love. You don’t need to have Hollywood-worthy plans to have a perfect Valentine’s Day. Even if you are just meeting up with friends for a beer, you can still look festive without trying too hard! The Krochet Kids Madeline Hat is a simple way to Valentine-ize your look. The color is a dark, neutralized red so you won’t look like a tomato and it easily complements jeans and a tee. Great for the girl who would rather let love find her!


3) Courting in the Cold. It’s pretty hard to look sexy in freezing temperatures, but you can at least look cute! The Prairie Underground Long Cloak Hoodie is feminine and flirtatious. The ruffle detailing along the pockets and hood give this jacket a modern upgrade. Wear it on a date walking along the waterfront or on a romantic camping getaway!


4) Valentine’s Day Vixen. For the women who go head over heels for holidays like I do, this red nail polish is the finishing touch your look needs. I adore the Butter London 3-Free Nail Lacquer because it comes in so many amazing shades. We have four shades of red in our Shades of Rouge collection, but the sparkle in Knees Up looks the most glam!


5) Romance Renegade. If you don’t want to splurge on a piece just for one night, the Kut from the Kloth Diana Skinny is a great pair of denim that is easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe. They can be worn with patterned or neutral tops and would look effortless with any of our Niki Biki basics. Colored denim is always a bit scary and I thought I could never wear it because my pear shape already sends focus to my hips, but I always receive compliments when I wear my forest green jeans!

While any of these picks will make you look totally fab, don’t forget to flaunt what made you so lovable in the first place: your personality! But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be for lovers. Celebrate the recent efforts of singles to reclaim the holiday and show your friends some platonic love instead of being a sourpuss and rejecting the entire day! There’s plenty of love to go around.