At Shop Adorn we love it when function and style collide, and that is exactly what has happened for Prairie Underground with their long rain cloak. Basically the cousin of the always popular Prairie Underground cloak hoodie, the rain cloak mixes feminine, flirty details and design with functionality and everyday wearability (and yes, I just made that a word). Offered in a number of different colors, the Prairie Underground long rain cloak is the perfect outerwear for Fall and Winter.

Shell= 100% DWR (Durable Water Repellency) Polyester; Lining= 50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Organic Cotton

The first thing that catches the wearer’s eye when sliding on the long rain cloak from Prairie Underground is the flattering fit. In our experience it’s not very common to find a coat that truly protects you from the rain AND is figure flattering. In fact, we had pretty much come to terms with the idea that we would never find a rain jacket that showed the wearer had any type of figure at all until we discovered Prairie’s rain cloak. The cinched in waist is a dream, and the chest area is curve-hugging without any hint of being overly binding or restrictive, an important feature for the fashion forward, on-the-go women.

The length of the Prairie Underground rain cloak is as the name states, long, however for most heights it is not overwhelming. I am 5’7’’ (5’8” on a good day) and the bottom of the coat fell about 2 inches above my knees, give or take an inch. The length is great for covering up dresses and skirts, and protecting your wardrobe from the elements.

The final element of the Prairie Underground long rain cloak that we just can’t seem to get enough of is the super-sized hood. One of our biggest pet peeves is having a rain coat with a hood that barely covers our customer’s heads, but the cloak remedies this faux pas by having a red riding hood inspired hood. Finally, all hairdos, big and small, will be protected from any inclement weather you might encounter.

The extra-large hood folds over the shoulders for a feminine look.


Top-Down, Bottom-Up zipper allows for a cute, flared look.