Trove Tkees

Tkees Sandals are the biggest thing in footwear right now, and we’ll have them back in stock June 5th!  These simple sandals will do wonders for your appearance.  Tkees flip flops are made to match your skin tone, an eye trick that lengthens the look of your legs.  Made of all leather, Trove Tkees are like make up for your feet.  They’re really comfortable and will go with anything!

The Tkees we’ll be getting in are not currently on the website, but as a blog reader of Shop Adorn, you can be one of the first to pre-order!  These sandals are sure to sell out quick, so get your name added to the pre-order list today.  Email jillian@shopadornonline today and be first in line to get your very own pair of Trove Tkees.

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