Trove Tkees Sandals are now available in Marshmellow, Fig & Frosty! These exciting new colors are part of the Glosses line of tkees and are just as amazing as the foundation line we currently carry.  They have a glossy finish, are made of leather, and are super comfortable.  Trove Tkees flip flops look great with jeans, leggings, skirts…there are so many options!  Another plus, they look great in casual and dressier situations so you’ll get tons of use out of trove tkees.

Trove Tkees in Frosty was even seen on Jessica Alba recently!


If you think these look great and haven’t checked out the leather foundation tkees, do so now!  They work wonders when you match the color of your tkees to the color of your skin tone…this trick for the eyes will lengthen your legs making you appear taller and leaner.