In 2002 Coal started as a labor of love in an apartment in Portland, Oregon. In our first year, we launched with a vision for a quality headwear line inspired by friends and family—one that would be an outlet for our whole new take on the woolen, knit beanie. Drawing from deep roots in art, skate and snowboard culture, Coal delivered great fit and forward thinking design. Although we now call Seattle, Washington home we’ve stayed true to our original inspiration and today, offer a wide range of distinctive pieces from caps and Coal hats to Coal gloves and knits that match your unique life and style. We offer a headwear culture you can’t find anywhere else.


Coal was founded on the belief that headwear is more than an accessory. It’s part of you, your identity, and your lifestyle. We build this idea into each of our designs by using quality materials and exacting detail, and crafting styles that are as unique as you are.


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