Shop Adorn Would Like to Extend a Big Warm Welcome to

May 14, 2011:  Shop Adorn is pleased to announce the arrival of Prairie Underground – modern and progressive fashion; Prairie Underground mixes utilitarian wash and wear with avant-garde style.

Prairie Underground is a Seattle-based company formed in 2004 by designers Davora Lindner and Camilla Eckersley. Davora and Camilla describe their vision: “We’re playing an active role in defining a new category of dress. One that crosses the boundaries of active wear and lounge wear and redefines day to night dressing.” One look at a Prairie Underground’s line – such as our favorite Long Cloak Hoodie – and you’ll agree – these ladies have achieved their vision!

Prairie Underground solves the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” or “I feel fat” days. These pieces  provide you all the comfort of active wear but with an edgy yet feminine and distinctly unique look.

Treat yourself to an effortless wardrobe choice and make your mornings a little easier by checking out Shop Adorn’s new selection of Prairie Underground for options that will compliment your lifestyle day and night, all week long.