With summer (trying to be) in the air, it’s time for some summer staples in your closet. For most of us Oregonians/Northwestners, summer is a big deal. If only because it’s roughly a 3-5 month break from the ridiculous amounts of rainy, cold, gray days. Especially since the last couple years, summer’s been having some issues with starting sooner rather than later…Awesome. I’m Kathleen and I’m one of the new interns at Shop Adorn this season. One of the things I get to do is take photos for a weekly look book (and later on some videos!) and post them right here! I am really excited about this, and I love everything that’s summer related. Minus the extreme heat, but right now, who knows when that’ll happen at this rate?

Earlier this week, my lovely friend Chelsea came in and modeled 4 looks with clothes, jewlery, and handbags from the store. Chelsea’s not a real model, but she is an aspiring actor, so that helped with a really fun give and take for the day. This was my first time styling and dressing someone and taking serious (sort of) fashion photos outside of my backyard. And as someone who aspires to hopefully be a fashion photography, it was very exciting.

The first look is the LA Made Prairie Dress in Cream, a yellow floral ring, wooden hoop earrings, and a turquoise clutch, all of which can be found in the store. This is what I like to think of as the fun, huzzah, summer is here! outfit. I’m such a fan of floral print dresses, and this has all the color that summer requires. It’s easily something you can dress up and dress down. It’s all about the accessories! The material is really nice and light, so whenever that summer heat hits, it won’t weigh you down. We went next door to Found on Fremont, and if you love fun, funky antique stores with everything, it’s somewhere you want to go. It was the perfect back drop to some of the outfits.



The second look centers around shorts. The look consists of Owlita Prairie Feather Earring in Night Rider, a striped, flowing top (wear a tank underneath, it’s a bit see-through), a necklace from the Sahila Jewelry collection, and Paige Premium Denim “Jimmy Jimmy Jean Shorts”. I cannot stress enough how much I really love these shorts. All my old pair of jeans I cut off, try to roll up the ends, do a botch job of sewing them to stay up, but it never really works. Mostly because the thigh part of the jeans are tight, so turning them into shorts, it’s like they end up squeezing my thighs in an unattractive way. And no woman wants that, especially if you have curves period. Plus the shorts are boyfriend cut, so you get that nice fit but with a little give. The shorts also go about mid-way on your thighs. So, if you don’t have boyfriend styled jeans, whether their pants or shorts, I highly suggest you do. I can’t gush enough about them. The shirt also adds a really nice flow around the torso and the sleeves are fitted. I didn’t realize it until now, but the outfit gives some love to those typical problem areas that most women have.

The third look is figuring out how to wear white jeans, which I’ve always wanted to do. I’m not as bad as I use to be, but the joke growing up is that the moment I’d wear something white, sure enough, it’d be stained soon after. Plus we have well water, so white things do not stay white for long. The pants are KUT from the Kloth Audrey Skinny Jeans in White, Modal Silk Skimmer Tank in Aquatic by Alternative Apparel(with a tank underneath because it can be a bit see through), a bold purple, tassel purse with a circular, wooden handle, wooden bracelets, a yellow/gold belt, and a fun, colorful scarf. I think white pants are the perfect base to go crazy with colors. The top on Chelsea is a bit more fitted than what it appears to be on the website. It is a more flowy tank, but I think it’s more of what you prefer. Personally, the transition from fitted to flowy is a bit awkward. But with most things in fashion and in life, it’s all about confidence.

The last look’s only difference from the one above is the top, KUT from the Kloth Printed Chiffon Woven Shirt in Blue, and the scarf and purse are gone. This is also another shirt where you’ll probably want a tank underneath. It’s a perfect light cover for those cooler summer nights.

All these pieces can be found in the store, and the ones with links can be found on the website. So if you’re looking for something new in your closet this summer, hopefully these looks get ideas flowing! I’m slowly gaining knowledge in fashion, but my personal opinion is that have confidence in what you wear. Also wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. It might be cheesy to end in, but seriously, love what you’re working with. Even if there are things you want to change, you have to love what you got. Because if you don’t, even if you get to your ideal, you still won’t be happy with it. Being twenty, I have a lot of friends who aren’t always happy with the way they look. I’m the same now and then. But that’s the great thing about fashion! It gives you the chance to show off the things you love, and temporarily hide the things you’re learning to.