Lacey’s visits to the office and shop are always so much fun! This lovely lady may seem mild mannered on the outside, but she’s a ball of sass once you get to know her! She’s also incredibly talented. Not only does she hand pick our entire jewelry selection, but she’s also the creator of the gorgeous Lulu Jewelry line! We love her one-of-a-kind stone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They’re perfect for summer and oh so easy to style!

laceybag copy

Lacey’s jewelry line lives by the motto “beauty in simplicity” and her bag lives up to that standard! The Cipriano Designs Anna Bag ($290) may not look like much, but the incredibly soft leather and durable construction make it irreplaceable! Lacey always looks put together when she comes to work, and its undoubtedly due to her arsenal of styling pieces! From her Lulu x Adorn Palm Necklace ($88) to the LA Made Oversized Stripe Scarf ($42), she’s always got the perfect accessories! Forget taking notes on your iPhone, Lacey loves an old fashioned notebook to fill with her creative ideas! Her bag is topped off with a classic pair of aviators and her pristine iPhone. How does it survive without a case?!