Elena is our fun and spunky shop gal who helps style all of our photoshoots for the website! She’s mega talented and always a bit unpredictable – which we love! Just look at her bag – a Tide To-Go pen AND retro sunglasses? This girl is crazy! You can find her hanging out at Crema Bakery or hamming it up in the shop. You know someone who works on the set of Portlandia has to be awesome!


In her Ellington Valerie Tote, she keeps a plenty of reading material! A girl’s gotta keep her mind entertained while her nails dry! Elena loves Butter London dark shades like Union Jack Black and Stag Do. These little guys fit perfectly inside her Pendleton Portland Collection wallet pouch. How cute does that pattern look with the handles on her tote? From Sin-Min Horchata Lip Spread to a sample of Olivine Atelier perfume, the little pouch holds it all. You’ll notice that Elena doesn’t have many bright colors in her bag – this makes it super simple to mix and match with outfits! From Prairie Underground on Monday to M Rena on Thursday, a neutral bag never clashes.

Stop by the shop and chat with Elena for personalized recommendations and nonstop laughter! To find out when she works next, email the shop girls directly at floor@shopadorn.com!