Portland is full of incredibly talented and creative people. Some might even be considered local celebrities! Mary Nichols definitely counts as a positive, inspiring celebrity in our book. This lovely lady is the brains behind Karmic Marketing, a company dedicated to promoting brands and implementing effective marketing strategies. As if I couldn’t admire her more, we both earned our degrees from the beautiful state of Colorado! Mary graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder before making the move to PDX.

Photo: Christopher Onstott

When she isn’t revolutionizing the world of digital marketing and keeping up with her six children, Mary is shopping at Adorn! Many of our brands focus on empowering women. Mary is the perfect fit. She even chose to wear the Pendleton Portland Collection Bearchum Shift in Chief Joseph in her photo on Karmic Marketing’s website.

IMG_1422Prairie Underground Waterfall Shift, Prairie Underground Body Armor Vest, Subtle Luxury scarf, Betsy & Iya earrings and cuff, Cipriano Designs tote bag

IMG_1433Prairie Underground Waterfall Shift, Subtle Luxury scarf, Betsy & Iya earrings and cuff

IMG_1443Prairie Underground Vernacular blazer, Niki Biki scoop neck tee Grayling Jewelry necklace and bracelet, 49 Square Miles Clutch, Henry & Belle denim


Prairie Underground Vernacular blazer, Niki Biki scoop neck tee Grayling Jewelry necklace

Q: Something people probably don’t know about you
A: I can shake my eyeballs back and forth so fast they vibrate. My two sisters have the same “talent”. #StupidFamilyTricks

Q: Who is your biggest style inspiration?
A: Sara Dahlquist of Dahl Style. I met her when I was shopping at Adorn. When I tried on an outfit and walked out to look in the mirror, Sara was standing there. She was tall, beautiful and had a smile that lit up the whole store. I loved everything she was wearing. Just then, I discovered she was a “style coach” and I immediately knew I needed her help. I had never enjoyed shopping, hated walking in my closet and realized rocking my personal style was not my strength. I truly believe in surrounding myself with people who are better at what they do than I am. I still work with Sara and because of her realize it’s fashionable to be comfortable. My new motto! 

Q: What’s your parenting secret (with your small batch of SIX! kids)?
A: I am lucky to have a supportive and involved husband. Having a sense of humor is mandatory! You learn to let a lot of things go when you have six small kids. It’s important to take deep breaths and keep things in perspective. For us, the only way it really works is accountability and responsibility. Kids can do much, much more than most parents realize. We have a huge chore board that cannot be argued with. I recently heard one of our kids tell another “I think mom and dad had us all just so we had to do all the chores and they have none!” It’s not always easy and we never expect perfection. What we do expect is kids who are loving, respectful and kind to each other, their family, friends, strangers and most importantly to themselves. 

Q: An accessory you can’t live without?
A: Because of my occupation, it’s my iPhone, but I’m sure you are talking about a fashion accessory. The honest answer to this is I could easily live without any accessories. Yet another reason I have a style coach! The accessories I value and love wearing the most are those made by local Portland designers. We are fortunate to have many talented jewelry designers here that are offering unique, beautiful pieces that are accessible to people with all kinds of budgets.

Q: If you had to live in one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: My Henry & Belle dark Super Skinny Ankle jeans, a soft locally designed SheShe graphic t-shirt, my locally designed DiNucci Designs necklace, my favorite pair of local LuLu Jewelry earrings, my James Perse Heathered Jersey Blazer and my Born Crown Roxie Brown Classic Tall boots. Works for business, pleasure and most of all is comfortable. And that is fashionable! 

Q: What is your favorite piece from Adorn?
A: I had never even heard of Prairie Underground before stepping foot in Adorn, and now I own four pieces. I love their smart style, sustainable materials and they are designed and produced in Seattle. Right now my favorite new dress is the Prairie Underground “Dress Code in Cobalt.” It’s an athletic feat to get this very fitted dress on, but once that’s accomplished I never want to take it off! 


Making a wardrobe transition into the corporate world is tough. The stereotype of “office attire” is unfortunately plagued by the image of drab colors, stiff fabrics, and poor fit. Mary’s endless style and professional success proves that you can still look glamorous while earning the big bucks!