What to wear this Thanksgiving?

I’m sure you all are looking forward to that long thanksgiving weekend – after all you get to see your family, take endless pictures of your baby nephew, binge watch Netflix on the couch, and not to mention pig out on pecan pie.

But I want to focus on what’s really important this thanksgiving though – and that’s dressing for COMFORT. Because let’s face it, we’re all going to be eating a little bit too much. And no matter where you’re spending thanksgiving, for us ladies the dilemma is still the same – what do I wear?

Not to worry. Adorn’s got you covered. Each look will sure impress your relatives and allow room for a “little” more turkey or a “sliver” of pumpkin pie—I promise!



This one is perfection! An organic cotton and spandex fabric combo will stretch to fit your body perfectly. Simple, and stunning. Commence drooling…



This combo is a great blend of comfort and cuteness. The Grease Legging is an ultra flattering fall staple. The slight high rise and denim pocket styling make this the perfect bottom for a sleek yet casual look.

This top is your best friend this Thanksgiving. Why you ask? – cause it won’t hug you and I mean no part of you…Mission Accomplished.



Just wait until you feel this fabric. Those tassels though..We at Adorn love this cute little fall dress. 



This color though.. it’s super comfy, cozy, and has a drawstring waist. And a sea of compliments coming your way…



This is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s perfect, so don’t be afraid to pig out. It’s not super thick, but is cozy. Adorable with denim.



This sexy, burgundy jacket is a closet essential as the temperature begins to cool down. Its surely a stand out item this holiday season.

So, do you feel ready yet?


Adorn Family

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Holiday Gift Guide – The Active Woman

We all have a friend who is always on a hike, at the gym or running a marathon. We have some wonderful gift ideas for that woman in your life. Items are available in-store and online.


This Prairie Underground Short Cloak Hoodie in Black is a must for any active woman. The perfect amount of style and comfort.


S’well water bottles are the perfect gift because they eliminate the use of the pesky plastic water bottle. They are also wonderful because they keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12!


Casual and comfort combined for a stylish look. The Hard Tail Skinny Tee in Juniper paired with Nau Randygoat Tights and Prairie Underground Hover Coat in Black.



Hard Tail Skinny Tees are essential for the active woman’s closet. It can be worn while climbing up the mountain or under a beautiful sweater.


Need I say more? Available at Fremont and Division!


Who doesn’t want to smell like love and roses?  This Olivine spray is Perfect size for a gym bag or just a purse! Available at Fremont and Division.


One of the best parts of being active is the relaxation afterwards. Give the gift of relaxation with this sweet sparkling pink butter bath, available at Fremont and Division.

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Customer of the Month – Suzanne Fuoco

Meet Suzanne, our sweet Customer of the Month! We are grateful for our chance to meet with her and chat with her about her style and why she loves Adorn. Thank you Suzanne for all your love and wise words.


Adorn: Have you always lived in Portland? If not, where do you call home and what brought you here?

Suzanne: I moved to Portland 9 years ago from Berkeley, CA with my family. I had lived in Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco most of my life and love it. Now I call Portland HOME although I plan a lot of sunny getaways!


Adorn: How do you like to spend your personal time?

Suzanne: Being active and especially practicing yoga is really important for me! I love to stretch and move my body with yoga, swimming, surfing, and dance. My other passions include natural healing & wellness, working in the garden, and art of all kinds – I love music, visual arts, literary arts, and mixed media. Traveling is another passion though I have not had a chance to do as much traveling as I’d like!


Adorn: What are some professional and/or personal pursuits that you are passionate about?

Suzanne: Working as an OB RN for many years, then switching to school nursing really gave me a clear insight into just how crucial it is for us all to practice self care, to eat well with an emphasis on whole fruits & vegetables, and to spend time outside exercising. I am passionate about helping people feel great and helping them learn more about nutrition. For my personal pursuits, my husband got me really interested in bee keeping and I am learning more and more about bee culture and how important it is for us all. I also have a small batch jam company, Pink Slip Jam, which is really a labor of love for me. Each flavor comes with its’ own story and people love it!


Adorn: Any special talents or hobbies you want to share?

Suzanne: I have nursed back to health many baby squirrels and 1 fledgling crow. I love animals and am learning more about Animal Spirits and plant medicine, especially flower essences and flower medicines. I think in another life I must have lived in the forest or the woods.


Adorn: How would your BFF describe you?

Suzanne: Spontaneous, fun-loving, creative, kind, and happy. And I always make lots of food for friends to enjoy!


Adorn: How did you first hear about Adorn? What do you love the most about Adorn?

Suzanne: I love how friendly all the people are who work at ADORN and, it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway!), that I LOVE Wendy! She tells it straight, she’s funny, and she has convinced me to buy clothing that I wouldn’t have tried on yet I absolutely love!


Adorn: What is your favorite Adorn piece?

Suzanne: A recent purchase was a cream & gold slip dress which makes me feel like a million bucks and an amber velvet duster that is absolutely luxurious. It was a splurge and so worth it!


Adorn: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Suzanne: I love eclectic yet classic clothing – something with a little twist. I’ve always loved Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy as well as European women who look so effortless with scarves and dark glasses.


Adorn: What is your favorite article of clothing from your closet?

Suzanne: I have 2 black dresses that I have had for decades that I love! One is mid-calf and washed silk with a black velvet bodice and sleeveless – I got it years ago at Carolyn Clements in Berkeley. The other is a sleeveless black cocktail dress with a V back. Oh! And I have a cream colored silk dress my sons refer to as my ‘piñata dress’ that I got here in town at Una. All of those dresses make me feel great when I wear them!


Adorn: What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?

Suzanne: A pair of black skinny jeans that feel so soft and retain their fit – they are the best jeans ever!


Adorn: Heels or flats?

Suzanne: Flats! I walk a lot and am not too great at coordination with heels any more! I cannot believe I used to wear heels every day!


Adorn: Must-have items on any vacation?

Suzanne: For the places I love to go, a great bathing suit or a few of them, a dress that can be casual or dressy depending on how you do it up, and a gorgeous pair of sandals…and fabulous sunglasses! And I almost always wear my octopus necklace a girlfriend gave me – she said it symbolizes adaptability & regeneration, which is perfect for vacation or anywhere!img_0883

Thank you, again Suzanne for your time and answers. We are looking forward to seeing you next time!

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‘Adornable’ Fall Trends!

Everyone wants to look good and stay up-to-date now-a-days, although it’s becoming increasingly hard to stay on top of it. But don’t worry. Adorn is here to help you stay stylish this fall!


Antelope 762 Boots // Poncho //  3J Workshop Tunic in Denim

Often times there’s one trend that you end up liking and wearing the most – and we think that trend is the Poncho this season. I mean need I say more? Imagine the cozy feeling of wearing this. Style these types of ponchos with plain neutrals or even pestels to add a little color. Clearly this piece is a no brainer fall wardrobe.


The smock is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. I think we all agree that we need this in our life. There is something exuberant yet leisurely about this smock shirt. Pair it with a denim and you’ve got yourself a perfect look. She is rocking it with her hair tied up.


Long Sleeve Tunic

Who says fashion and comfort cannot go together? You know you need these. I think these are so perfect for us PNW folks. I mean everybody knows we love dark colors:)


3J Workshop Tunic in Plaid

This is the reason why its my favorite era of fashion. Pair this beautiful piece with a denim and a pair of sunglasses. I promise it can’t go wrong. Also a platform wedge, the ultimate fall shoe would go perfect with it.

Here’s some more fall outfit ideas from Adorn:


Elk Fine Knit Hood Poncho // Volcom Show Betta Long Sleeve in Dark Navy // Denim // Jewelry piece


Now that you have a sneak peek of some of the goods we have, come on down and let’s find your Fall Style together!


Adorn Family

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Fremont Customer of the Month: Alice

Meet awesome Alice, our Fremont Customer of the Month!! Isn't she 
wonderful in these pictures? And that's not all, we also got a 
chance to chat with her a little bit about her style and her love 
for Adorn!

img_1749Margaret O’Leary Sweater // Elk Fine Knit Hood Poncho // Citizens of Humanity Rocket Jeans // Trask Madison Waterproof Boot // The Salt Empire Necklace

ADORN: Have you always lived in Portland? If not, where do you call
home and what brought you here?

ALICE: I’m originally from Ohio and moved to Oregon in 2005 for work. 
I teach social work and sociology at the University of Portland. 
My teaching and research focuses on policy issues and community 
organizing around social justice and the rights of marginalized 
groups. I geek out over policy issues, and I’m always looking for 
ways to get involved and get my students involved in local and state

ADORN: How do you like to spend your personal time?

ALICE: In my time away from work, I love to cook.  I read food blogs 
and cookbooks looking for inspiration, and I’m always experimenting 
with new recipes and ingredients.  These days my food bio would have
to include lemon, garlic, rosemary, figs, kabocha squash, coffee, 
butter, and anything chocolate.

ADORN: What are some professional and/or personal pursuits that you 
are passionate about?

ALICE: I enjoy cycling, running, wandering around the Oregon coast 
and hiking in the Gorge with my better half.  Last year in October 
we got married on a sunny but blustery Sunday at Beacon Rock, and 
this year we’re going to celebrate our first anniversary by hiking 
Hamilton Mountain.

ADORN: How would your BFF describe you?

ALICE: My friends would describe me as a generous, self-deprecating,
latte addict who seeks—and usually finds—humor in everyday things.


Bella Dahl Drape Front Shirt // 7 For All Mankind Skinny Cord // Antelope Ankle Boots

ADORN: How did you first hear about Adorn?

ALICE: I first learned about Adorn from my friend Vail Fletcher, 
who was wearing her cozy high-waisted M. Rena leggings. I decided I 
had to have a pair, and that led me into the Fremont store.

ADORN: What do you love the most about Adorn?

ALICE: For most of my life I have dreaded clothes shopping, and my 
approach was quick and dirty: Get in and get out, focus on fit, but 
don’t worry about the details or if something “almost” works. I’m 
trying to be more intentional these days and select only items I 
really love and feel great. As a test, I will ask myself, “Does it 
work as is? Would I be excited to wear this tomorrow?” Buying 
fewer pieces and only choosing items I really love has worked well 
for me and streamlined my closet.

Adorn has transformed my relationship to clothes and shopping.  
First, the stores are extremely well curated. From clothing to 
jewelry to shoes and accessories, I never walk in without trying on 
multiple items that work and that make me feel confident and well 
put together.

Beyond the styles, what sets Adorn apart are the people: Brittany 
and Jess at Fremont are so good at knowing their customers and 
putting together items that make us look and feel fabulous. It 
happens to me every time, but I’ve also observed their magic with 
other customers. Jen reminds us correctly that it’s all about 
“fit and fabric.” And at both stores, I am always greeted warmly.  
From the first time I walked in, I felt welcome and like there is no 
other place for me to be in that moment.

Thanks to these ladies, in the last year I’ve been inspired to try 
new things—a plaid, sleeveless Bella Dahl shirt dress or Prairie 
Underground shift—or, in this photo shoot, the 3J Margo Western 
tunic with amazing embroidery on the back.

Feeling confident in your clothes makes you more effective at 
whatever you do. Being a professor involves getting up in front of 
people regularly to present, facilitate discussions, and share my 
work publicly in a variety of settings. I never want to worry about 
whether something I’m wearing distracts from what I’m saying. I 
always feel confident in the items and outfits I’ve purchased at 
Adorn, and that is worth a lot.


Hard Tail Crop Front Tunic // Yumi Long Ribbed Cardigan //

ADORN: What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?

ALICE: The last piece and my current favorite is the Elk cape. To 
quote Brittany, “You will feel regal when you put it on.” She is 
I love my Tart Collections Veronicka Jacket. It looks professional 
but not boring, and it feels like a sweatshirt.

ADORN: A trend you are loving for this Season?

I love the variety of shirt dresses and tunics, like the HardTail 
high-low tunic. It covers your bum and is slimming and comfy all 
at once.
(Brittany and Jess—is this even a trend? I am so uninformed when it 
comes to fashion/style, this is HILARIOUS!)


3J Workshop Tunic // Baggu Purse // Leggings

ADORN: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, 
what would it look like?

ALICE: Jeans, a cozy sweater or turtleneck (see Curator cowl neck), 
waterproof boots or clogs.

ADORN: 3 must-have items on any vacation?

ALICE: A big, lightweight cotton scarf. I’ve used this as a wrap, a 
headscarf to protect my face from the sun in Italy, and I even used 
it as sheet when I was in Nicaragua. 
On my last vacation one of the most useful things was a Lilla P 
lightweight ¾ sleeve cotton slub cardigan. I wore it 90 percent of 
the days—over tanks, dresses, tees. 
Running shoes to walk, hike, run, and chase my sweet husband up a 
mountain if I have the chance.


Just Female Skirt // Dr. Scholl’s Booties


Elk Poncho // The Salt Empire Jewelry // Citizen of humanity Jeans // Trask Waterproof Boots

Thanks Alice for your time and especially for such an extensive 
interview! It was nice to get to know you better and we look forward 
to seeing you again in the store!
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Jenn Perry of Jelt Belt Visits Adorn on Fremont!

Jen Perry, the owner and creator of  Adorn-favorite Jelt belt- a belt that is made out of 100% recycled yarn with an inner gel that grips to pants, payed our store a visit with lovely friends in tow!









We loved seeing one of our designers in person! With a personality that lights up a room & designs that our customers love, she definitely made our day!



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