“If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would it be?” Maybe you’ve been asked this during a long road trip or while waiting in the airport for a delayed flight. It is one of the most difficult questions Man has ever created. Of course, I wouldn’t choose to give up taste – think of all the delicious poutine I could never enjoy again! But what about hearing? Never being able to listen to music or hear the voice of my (future) children would be devastating. Forget about touch and sight – holding hands and gazing into your lover’s eyes is one of the best things in the world! That leaves the sense of smell. What do we really need it for anyway?

Hopefully you can tell I am totally joking! The sense of smell is wonderful and it creates so many of life’s little joys – the scent of Thanksgiving dinner baking in the oven, the aroma of nutty coffee on a cold winter day, and my favorite, the familiar but fleeting smell of your parents’ house when you visit home.

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So many people and places in my life have a scent associated with them, but I am still searching for my signature scent! That’s why I am so excited we have begun carrying Olivine! These perfumes are a labor of love for Seattle based creator Julie Wray. She began her obsession with scent at the age of 8 when she would spend her weekly allowance on fragrant lotions and soaps. Her journey has taught her an important life lesson she hopes to convey to all women: “Self love is the way to absolute happiness.”

Each bottle contains 100% fragrance with no additives, so a little goes a long way! Currently we have “Amongst the Waves,” “She Belongs There,” and the line’s signature scent “Olivine.” If perfume isn’t really your thing, Olivine also produces scented lotions so you can smell great AND hydrate! There is even a sample pack so you can try them all, guilt-free. Once you find your signature scent, there’s always the question of your signature nail polish color! With Butter London‘s vast selection, this search may take awhile…