Sticks & Stones Jewelry


From top left to bottom right: The Egg Necklace, The Dirty Peach pendant, The Megalodon Shark Tooth Necklace, The Frozen Charlotte Necklace, the Abalone Slim 2 Finger Ring, the Palm Slim 2 Finger Ring and the Black Ebony Slim 2 Finger Ring.

Woodn’t you like to ring in the New Year in style? I think we all know the answer to that one- YES! New to Shop Adorn are pieces from Sticks & Stones Jewelry. Sticks & Stones uses re-purposed natural materials, such as exotic wood, prehistoric ivories, fine metals and gemstones, in the construction of their entirely sustainable accessories and jewelry. Better yet, these products are handcrafted locally right here in Portland, OR!

The Egg necklace is crafted out of Vegetable Ivory. Vegetable Ivory is a result of refining the nuts that fall from the Piassaba palm (native to Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela). This necklace would go perfectly with a crème chambray button-up shirt and a wool winter jacket!

The Dirty Peach pendant is made out of Vegetable Ivory from the seeds of the Tigua palm (found in Ecuador). The Dirty Peach offers a softer aesthetic to the Vegetable Ivory look previously featured in The Egg necklace. This pendant would act as a great summery accent to your layered look in the midst of this cold winter weather.

The Megalodon shark lived in the Miocene/Pliocene era approximately twelve million years ago! This Megalodon Shark Tooth pendant is guaranteed to add some sass to your weekend get-up.  Pair this with a cocktail dress and gold accented heels and you’re sure to catch a few stares.

Add a bit of history to your outfit with this Frozen Charlotte pendant. The porcelain doll head originated in mid 1800 Germany, where Frozen Charlotte dolls were produced to represent the moral of the poem describing a woman who refused to wear her shawl during a sleigh ride and ended up freezing to death. Match this pendant with a chiffon blouse to play up the drama.

This is the Black Ebony Two Finger ring, crafted from Maple and Black Ebony wood. With the updated slim style, you are now presented the option of mix and matching different rings to achieve your desired look! Combine this Black Ebony ring with the Crushed Abalone ring (also shown below) while holding on to a sleek black clutch.

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