We promise we aren’t crazy! You may think that coveralls are the opposite of fashionable, but if worn correctly, they can be the comfiest piece of clothing you own – there’s a reason babies love them, right? I love the retro look and the “Rosie the Riveter” vibe. Ditch your go-to sundress and embrace your inner girl power with the Prairie Underground Forties Coverall!


You’ve probably seen these coveralls in the store but been weary of trying them on. I admit, they’re pretty intimidating, but they look great on so many different body types! You can wear them with some grungy boots, fierce heels, or simple flats – making it appropriate for all weather and casual occasions! Just look at these adorable customers who took the plunge…


Jill added a pop of color with the Calou Astrid High Heel Clog and stylist Sara dressed her coveralls up with a cosmopolitan pair of heels! The neutral shade of navy allows you to pair it with just about everything. Go bold with a statement bracelet like the Betsy and Iya Brooklyn Bridge Cuff or keep it simple and layer it under a slouchy cardigan. Every lady loves a versatile Prairie Underground piece and the coverall is definitely a trend that won’t be going anywhere soon. Still not drinking the kool-aid? Stop by and let us style you in it. At the very least, you’ll have some Snapchat worthy pics!