Drumroll please..


turleneck: lilla p / poncho: bishop + young / chords: hudson / ring: Tibetan arts

..December’s Customer of the Month is Cynthia Deibert! Let’s get to know one of  Fremont’s frequents.


ADORN: Tell us a bit about yourself!
“I am 51 years old, married for 31 years, and have twin daughters age 30. An army veteran, I work as an assistant manager transportation training TriMet. I’m always looking for ways to move up the career ladder. In my free time I love to spend time with my family, and shop at Adorn and shop for shoes as well.”

ADORN: How did you first hear out about Adorn?

“If you can believe this, my husband told me about Adorn. He is a field supervisor for TriMet and this particular area (Beaumont) is his district that he works out of. He drives by and he see nice clothes in the window, so he came home and [told me] I want to go to the place called Adorn. I’ve been hooked ever since.”


shirt: nation ltd / blazer: kensie / pants: prairie underground denim girdle / shoes: h by hudson / necklace: grayling

ADORN: What do you love most about Adorn?

“In the past year I have gotten a new job in management and it requires me to wear business attire. I have found many dresses at Adorn. All of the clothing has a unique flair that I love. It’s just not run-of-the-mill clothing – every piece of clothing has an edge to it. I love that because more than likely you will not find someone else in the office with the same  piece.

I also love that you have a layaway plan which makes it more affordable and doable anytime I see something I love – I always find something I love. The women who work in the store are amazing. They have had me try on clothes that I would never pick for myself, but they have me try it on and it looks amazing, so I end up buying it, feeling great, and getting compliments all the time.”


tunic: johnny was collection / pants: prairie underground denim girdle


ADORN: Do you have a favorite shopping memory?

“One time I brought my adult daughter with disabilities into the store so I could look around. Brittany sat with her and entertained her while mom tried on all kinds of clothes. Now that’s awesome service. That’s why I come back – they are all so awesome and friendly, they make you feel special, and I get to support small business. I have brought several of my family members and they enjoy it as well.”

ADORN: Goofiest fashion trend you have participated in?

“My goofy fashion from way back in the day was leg warmers, and I think they are coming back. OH MY!”


Thanks for sharing your stories, Cynthia! You can find Cynthia on Instagram @deiberci.