Exude the femininity and grace of Spring at all your Easter festivities this year! The ladies on the Shop Adorn team make fashion so effortless, and most importantly, comfortable. Take a look at these super cute outfits we’ve put together so you can be both polished and ever-so à la mode this season!

Spring 1

1. Polished and Flirty. “Wrap dress”, “comfortable, and “adorable” are basically all synonyms if you ask me! And you definitely can’t go wrong with this Tart Collections Marie Dress. Thow a cami underneath, some supportive heels, a statement piece, and you’re ready to go. As always, a pop of color is perfect for any neutral outfit—and This Ollipop Aurora Navette Jewel Ring in Jade is just- perfect! This beautiful hue emulates the beautiful spring buds blossoming all around us this time of year…Why aren’t you rocking it with all of your spring wardrobe again?

spring 2
2.) Comfortable AND Chic! Not a dress person? Or maybe you are, but have a row of ducklings to chase after during your Easter festivities. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! These Prairie Underground Cigarette Leggings are comfortable, but sophisticated at the same time. Pair them with some strappy shoes, a flowy polka dot blouse, and a monochromatic watch and you’re in business. If this outfit doesn’t scream spring, we don’t know what does!

Spring 3_Fotor
3) Sweet and Quirky. This girlish Pendleton Portland Collection McKenzie Bridge Skirt is sure to give you a fresh and pretty look. Paired with these light-weight and comfortable Calou Fia Boots, the outfit takes a turn for quirky and sweet. Try dressing this outfit up with some delicate gold details like pictured above. If the weather is not being quite as delicate, throw a cardigan on, and you will be picture perfect!

spring 4
4) Casual Cute. The romper isn’t going anywhere ladies! This Pendleton Portland Collection Champoeg Romper is both shapely and put-together. Pair with a gauzy scarf, some close toed wedges, and accent earrings. We love how this pair brings out the mint green in the scarf. This would also pair beautifully with a skinny brown belt to bring attention to the smallest part of your body. Don’t be afraid to pair more “formal” jewelry with casual pieces. This can really dress up an outfit and take it from blasé to exciting!

We hope you have enjoyed this Easter Outfit ideas. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, there’s nothing wrong with being the most fashionable (and comfortable) girl in down this season, is there? What are YOU this spring? Are you Polished and Flirty, or Sweet and Quirky? Comment below or Tweet us @shopadorn!