We all like Portland for the trees, coffee, and smiling faces, but Sara Dahlquist of Dahlstyle has given us a new reason to fall in love! Recently published in the Oregonian, her article highlights the great local shopping opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. Several of the brands she mentions are available in the store. From our well-loved Prairie Underground to newcomer Cipriano Designs, there’s no excuse not to support the NW!

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1) Prairie Underground. You’ve undoubtedly seen our gigantic selection of Prairie Underground in-store and online, but have you taken the plunge and tried it on? The soft, sustainable fabric is made for repeated wear, so you won’t find yourself having to throw it out in a mere few months. Definitely an investment piece worth the price tag! Prairie Underground comes out with new styles each season with cute, flowy dresses in summer and the renowned Prairie Underground Long Cloak Hoodie in fall! All of their pieces are made in Seattle, Washington.

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2) Hubris. This knit-based line is made in Portland, Oregon, and is designed to flatter the feminine figure. Perfect for busy moms on the go, Hubris prides itself on being modest and modern! Plus, they make an effort to benefit the community and use sustainable and organic materials. Come feel the soft knits for yourself and question why you’ve never bought this great brand before!

3) Lulu Jewelry. Lulu’s tagline is “Beauty in Simplicity” and these exquisite pieces of jewelry are handcrafted perfection. With modern jewelry taking a turn toward gaudy, Lacey Arnett’s designs are a breath of fresh air. Although you can find her pieces in California and Colorado, they began right here in the Pacific NW. Each necklace features a stone that inspires strength and beauty – traits every woman should possess!


4) Betsy and Iya. These two ladies have managed to create a thriving jewelry business but still remain true to their Portland, Oregon, roots. Their bios are humble, describing their love for quiet sunday mornings and unfortunate piles of dishes in the sink. Who wants to buy jewelry made in a factory when it could be made by your best friend next door? Each piece is made with the expectation that it will be worn while drinking coffee, typing on Facebook, and being stuck in traffic. What’s more real than that?


5) Cipriano Designs. The downside of handcrafted leather is that most bags end up looking similar. What they boast in quality, they lack in individuality. However, this isn’t the case with Cipriano Designs. Each bag is inspired by beautiful Portland, Oregon, and features detailed craftsmanship that combines beauty and functionality. Donate your dime-a-dozen tote and upgrade to a piece of art!

Isn’t it great that we live in a city that fosters entrepreneurship? In a world of outsourcing and cheap international labor, I never thought it would be possible to put together a fashionable outfit that was 100% constructed in the US, nonetheless the Pacific NW! Whether you’re making a political stand or just want to support your neighbors, it’s so easy to shop local with great brands to choose from! Even though we may not have very many items in stock (they go so fast!), we are always getting a new selection in, soon.