Our best customers don’t only visit the store in person, they also shop online! That’s why we are proud to announce Barbara as our May Online Customer of the Month! She has been shopping with us for a little over a year all the way from Massachusetts. Ever since she purchased her first Prairie Underground Cloud Raven, she has become a Shop Adornista for life. We love chatting with her and seeing how she styles her new pieces – always fabulously!

Barbara is wearing the Prairie Underground Cloud Raven!

How cute is she in the Prairie Underground Fallen Angel? Love the scarf!

A perfect example of how to style the Prairie Underground Forties Coveralls!

Q: How did you first find Shop Adorn?
A: I came upon the Adorn site while searching for Prairie Underground.

Q: What do you love about Adorn the most?
A: Gretchen, Nicole and Kelsey! Thank you, Gretchen, for your advice and patience and always going above and beyond to answer any Prairie Undquestions that I have!!! You are the best.

Q: Which outfit would you choose to wear the rest of your life?
A: It would be the Forties Coverall in different materials!!

Q: How would your best friends describe you?
A: My best friend described me (I asked!!) as kind, generous, upbeat, unique and chic!!