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Shoes, earrings, and Reese’s peanut butter cups – don’t the best things always come in a pair? That’s why Pendleton has created an innovative top that lets YOU decide how to wear it! Unlike those other “two-fer” pieces that require a lot of wrapping and tucking in order to change styles, the Pendleton Portland Collection Olallie Top comes with two separate pieces, allowing you to change your look in a snap!

Following Pendleton’s tradition of naming each piece after a rustic Oregon locale, the Olallie Top is inspired by, you guessed it, Olallie Lake! Located between Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson, this spot is the perfect weekend getaway. The kids will love paddle boating around the lake while you and your lovvie can enjoy the rustic yurts! Who needs boutique hotels and cocktails with gold flakes when you can roast s’mores over the open flame?


The biggest dilemma of any vacation is what to pack! Luckily, the Olallie Top has you covered. The racerback tank top is perfect for a fun summer trip! Wear it with the Pendleton Portland Collection Beverly Beach Shorts for a relaxed, sun goddess look. The tank can even be worn into autumn by adding the 27 Miles Poncho if you can’t stand to leave this piece in your closet until summer, the cropped blouse adds a cute retro flair to any outfit! It’s pictured here with the matching Pendleton Portland Collection McKenzie Bridge Skirt which turns the entire look into an adorable dress! The neutral colors in the top make it easy to match with any bottoms from a high waisted mini skirt to a pair of killer denim like our Genetic Denim The Shya Crop Cigarette! But the real magic happens when these pieces are worn together! Layer the blouse over the tank top and simply affix the clasp at each shoulder for a brand new shirt. If you love to pack light for weekend trips, this top lets you have a new look each day simply by changing the bottoms! If only shoes were as versatile…you’d never have to choose between cute flats and hiking boots!