It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be taking their summer sabbaticals. Are you ladies travel ready? Let this serve as a go-to reference for easy travel essentials!

Niki Biki

Starting with the basics, an M. Rena long cami and Niki Biki Capri leggings assure you plenty of comfort and breathability. Never mind the fact that it looks like our mannequin is holding in her nature’s call. What is notable here is that this look isn’t quite inspiring yet.

27 miles cashmereMuch better. The 27 Miles Malibu Poncho is a timeless “throw and go” that keeps you snuggly warm on that overly air-conditioned plane, while simultaneously dressing up a super casual look.

Hard Tail

The Hard Tail long skinny tee is a consistent best seller for us. It is made with an ultra-soft, pre-shrunk cotton blend that breathes nicely in the hot months, and has long sleeves that are great to wear in the colder months. Down below are the Niki Biki leggings in a new black and white print. Being another highly acclaimed product, these never stay in the store very long.

Hard Tail

But just you wait, the look isn’t polished off and ready for air travel until you pop on a gauzy scarf like this raw edge number by Hard Tail (available in store; multiple colors). The ways to wear it are seemingly infinite. It also works as a shawl or hair turban!

MRena_Hard Tail_2 It’s not news that maxi skirts are one of the best layering pieces you can own. A knit maxi skirt like this one by Hard Tail won’t get wrinkly on you like other wovens do. The lace cami by M. Rena is a new product and they feel just as comfortable and breathable as the highly coveted Niki Biki cami.

Harper CrossbodyBam, you’re ready to jetset with this messenger bag by Shiraleah (available in store). It has small and large pockets with tons of space for you to cram all of your essentials. It’s also made with high quality leather and hardware, so it won’t break down even with heavy usage.

Now that you’re a traveling fashion guru, you can stock up on all of the essential layering pieces that will make your life so much easier, and a little bit sassier.

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