Back in the day, travelling to your destination vacation meant dressing to the nines and toting your best luggage and accessories. Today, it seems that frumpy dressing has become a trend. Ladies, you can do better! It’s time to rally up the troops and enforce ‘Travel Chic’ to the masses! It’s easier than you think.


Photo Credit: Kadie Kobielusz

Poncho: 27 Miles Malibu
Necklace: Elk
Skirt: Bobi Clothing
Purse: Shiraleah
Shoes: Yosi Samra

The task of layering can be daunting, but once you understand your body type and what looks best with it, it will become second nature. A definite must have when travelling is a sweater– better yet, a cashmere poncho by 27 Miles Malibu. A Bobi Clothing maxi skirt is a great pairing, as it will keep your legs warm while still offering plenty of breathability. When travelling, metal-free jewelry is your best friend. And if you can, check all your bags and travel light with a small cross body bag to store your essentials. Of course, a comfortable pair of flats is absolutely essential.


outfit1-2 Photo Credit: Kadie Kobielusz

Sweater: 27 Miles Malibu
Denim: Henry & Belle
Clutch: 49 Square Miles
Bracelet: Elk (available in store)
Scarf: LA Made Zingo Scarf

Now, I’m not saying you have to pretend it’s a high end fashion show when your flying, driving, or taking the train to your destination. I’m just saying you don’t have to resort to pajamas! You can wear clothes that are chic and just as comfortable as your jams, promise. Toss on an oversized pullover by 27 Miles Malibu with a pair of Henry & Belle denim and finish it off with a nice big scarf and a clutch. We’ve talked about this amazing scarf before, it’s hands down one of the most versatile accessories you could own. Don’t forget to snap a selfie before you take off! It would be terribly unfortunate to not let anyone see how amazing you look.


outfit3-2 copyPhoto Credit: Kadie Kobielusz

Sweater: Pendleton Portland Collection
Dress: M Rena
Leggings: Niki Biki 
Bracelet: Elk (available in store)
Bag: Ellington 
Shoes: Yosi Samra 

The last thing you want to fuss with is digging seams and uncomfortable fits. The M Rena sleeveless rayon dress is not only versatile, but it also is a seamless dress that fits comfortably to your body. A pair of Niki Biki capri leggings underneath and a cozy boyfriend cardigan over the top will have you feeling peaceful and ready to take a mid-flight snooze (while everyone admires you with jealousy of your fabulousness). Don’t stop there though! Make sure if you’re carrying your laptop and other technology that you protect them with a durable and luscious leather messenger bag by Ellington. I can’t express enough how much a simple accessory can really amp up your look.

So what did we learn today? Hopefully the main takeaway is that while you can’t help but feel flustered when travelling, it doesn’t have to be construed through your outfit. Own your beauty and wicked style, and I promise you’ll be so much happier. The revolution of Travel Chic is among us, starting with our fabulous readers.

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