Ways to Wear: Yosi Samra Ballet Flats

Lets admit it ladies, no matter how many studies reveal how bad heels are for our feet, we won’t stop wearing them because they are just too damn amazing. So what to do when you can’t go a full day in sky-high heels? It’s not always convenient to carry around an extra pair of flats as a back-up, except for the highly-acclaimed Yosi Samra ballet flats. They fold up in half so nicely and fit in a complimentary dust bag so you can have flats on the go at all times. No more forcing your crying feet through the rest of the day because you don’t have any options. There are so many outfit combinations to be made with a pair of Yosi flats. Take these three for example:

Picture 6 Ways to Wear: Yosi Samra Ballet Flats

A no fuss outfit calls for a broken-in chambray button down, a cozy pullover, a soft and flowy maxi, and some gold accoutrements. Lest we forget the Yosi Samra ballet flats in black crocodile to tie it all together for a simple—but fashionable—ensemble.

Picture 7 Ways to Wear: Yosi Samra Ballet Flats

Feminine Flair:
A look that says, ‘yes I’m sweet, but I’ll be mean if I need to’. The peplum with floral is a great combo; add on cute jewelry like a spiked double ring or a skull ring. The Yosi Samra leather flats in camel compliment any color scheme.

Picture 8 Ways to Wear: Yosi Samra Ballet Flats

Soft Edge:
Contrast is good and this outfit has a whole lot of it. Starting with the little black swing dress, there’s a certain softness to it, which looks awesome juxtaposed with the khaki/twill jacket with leather contrasts in the sleeves, piping and pockets. Throw on an old school pair of Ray Bans, some dark lipstick, and then your Yosi Samra patent leather flats in cherry, and suddenly all the fashion contradictions become one.
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