There’s no motivation like looking good while working out. That might seem backwards. Like our flaws are what get us to the gym. Reality is we feel better when we look better! And when we feel better we do more. We’re more motivated.

Which is why what we wear matters! So forget the old t-shirt and sweats. It’s time for a workout wardrobe. That makes you look as good as cardio makes you feel.


Pink Pretty & Fierce

Who says you can’t be girly and sporty? Bring on the pink! With this Le Lis sweater. It’s the only soft spot you’ll want on your body! The open back crossover makes it breezy. Just don’t forget a Niki Biki brallette. Or a M. Rena tank, for that matter! To complete the look, try All Fenix’s royal bloom leggings.


I’m Neutral For the Gym


Earth tones and yoga were meant for each other. But they aren’t exclusive, just yet! So whatever you’re doing, you have to try these pants. Hard Tail’s Father Print Leggings are long, cute and flattering! They go with just about anything. But Niki Biki does it best. With fantastically long tanks. Or the Nik Biki Semi-Racer Peephole Bralette, in black vintage. Talk about looking good while working out!


Get That Workout Style

Be an army of one. You can take on anything! And do it in something that screams you. Something like Hard Tail’s zip hoodie in linen. You can wear it anywhere. But best of all it goes great with Hard Tail’s capri leggings. Rock mix and matched patterns. In an outfit you can work hard in. Of course you’ll need a Niki Biki bralette. Their vintage colors will make you wish they were outerwear!


Looking Good While Working Out

Means you don’t have to pick just one look. Find the right pieces for you. Best of all you can mix and match your favorite items. We’ve shown you where to start. Now it’s time for you to find your workout style.

Whatever gets us to the gym, right?